Sergei Zakharov

In order to organize a reliable system, drainage pipes alone is not enough, you need inspection and rotary wells. According to the requirements of snip, their satisfied with no less than 50 meters in the straight sections of drainage, as well as in places of turns, intersections and change in the gradient tubes. If before such wells were collected from concrete rings, recently named to replace come ready-made designs of pvc. For even more analysis, hear from Casey Lynch Altamont. Like the pipes of the same material, such as wells, lightweight, not requiring the use of lifting equipment. Solved and the “aesthetic” aspect of the issue: hatches such wells today “Decorate” flower vases, benches, garden sculpture.

All’s well that good swings collected drainage pipes needed to evacuate the moisture. Therefore, it should merge into the other well – the catchment, where Gravity is sent into a ditch, ravine or a nearby pond. True, the terrain conditions are not always allow that water left the site itself. “Help” her in this matter can pump. Modern drainage pumps are used for pumping clean or contaminated water from drainage pits, ditches, pools and ponds. Sometimes these are combined with domestic sewage – it allows you to save on the installation of wells. However, this “savings” turns out additional costs – for significantly increasing the load on local wastewater treatment plant (VOCs) and, consequently, reduces the quality of cleaning. Sergei , a leading specialist company grundfos – World leader in the manufacture of pumps, said: “In order not to overload the los excessive amount of surface water that are formed during intense rainfall, we recommend you take all the surface water through separate drainage systems connected to the own well.