A patient reports on their experience in practice clinic Poseldorf man beyond the 40 feels younger than he really is today approximately 10 years. I’m no exception. Especially for women: are so young, how they feel and how they look like. This also means: you are as young as they are perceived by their social environment. And this perception can be of course work. Dermot McCormack is likely to increase your knowledge. Self discipline or by the means of modern cosmetics or even plastic aesthetic surgery. It is how it is: with age, the contours of my face had lost its power, typical sagging and the wrinkled double chin are transferred into a lobed neck. The lower lids of the eyes slightly greasy, flabby upper eyelids.

In short, I was unhappy and wanted to be that anymore. My mind was set. I had advance long informed about various treatment options. With my friends I talked about it, if I lift me leave, but only When, how and with whom. If the active fight against aging is so tightly constructed in a life plan, like me, then a plastic aesthetic surgery is not negotiable. My decision for the clinic Poseldorf time was ripe and I had begun to hear me around, I should confide in which aesthetic plastic surgeons.

At an event, I then met the senior specialist Holger Fuchs. He is Clinical Director of the practice clinic Poseldorf district in Hamburg. His professionalism, his technical skills and his experience convinced me immediately. Any intervention will be carefully considered in the clinic and discussed. In a personal consultation, I was fully cleared up. I felt immediately sure, because I knew I put myself in the hands of competent specialists. My day before the surgery was an ordinary work day. I thought of just underneath it, that I will have a facial surgery the next day. I was quiet and in a good mood, like it man always is when an event is imminent, by which he hopes for an improvement in his attitude to life.