Relaxation Holidays

Corporate events (or "korporativka") is the most popular way to organize the event. Chosen because of its familiarity. Typically, it is organized in cafes, restaurants, banquet halls – upscale organization of celebrations corporate events. It should be noted that in the framework of special Russian to organize it in such a way that a consolidating factor was a factor of corporatism, not intimate conversations and sometimes difficult, because quality and fire show – it professionalov.Pri choosing this type of celebration to pay special attention to encourage the cultural program of the evening, diluting its inclusions of fun activities for combining subject, perhaps humorous contests on the theme of humor and team competitions in the theme of unity, the show award "outstanding" employees funny medals and so on. Celebrations on prirodeK celebrations this type must include, as a departure, "a barbecue," the company all staff other than agri-tourism, and enormous Company Day, which can last for several days and are usually organized in a suburban boarding.

Sometimes they are not held in building and they are present okolosportivnye or sports. For even more opinions, read materials from Andy Florance. The role of alcohol in such departures are not as significant as in the "banquet" constructions. Are similar festivals mainly in the late spring and summer. Fancy prazdnikiTakogo kind of event rarely carried out and selected, usually by companies or have some "legend of the company" (if after-game feast is organized as a story), or companies that are willing see something quite exotic (in other words, wanting to impress guests. An important feature of these evenings – and the size of a large budget.

prezentatsiiBolee Program "applied" in all programs – a holiday devoted to release of a new product, promoting new services, creating the branch run the shop, opening a new restaurant. The event is basically always drawn its own structure on the press, potential customers and partners. More info: AOL. Characteristic features: and so on, a serious entertainment here – a rarity. Exceptional, there are times when such a program (for example, the presentation of the latest magazine) focuses on the "accidental audience ', say pedestrians, bystanders. In this situation, the emphasis is on design with a fun contests, quizzes, drawings.