Real Swiss Master_rai – Slim, Rank And Valuable

A new candy bar, which sets a new benchmark for enjoyment of the wicked candy bar is a confectionery in bar form, which contains a fill; so sober, the online encyclopedia describes him. Sweet temptation or calorie he is called in the vernacular and is now in countless variants will be offered. He belongs to our daily grind as a small chocolate treat, which we at home, on the road or during work sweeten life us. At the latest at the morning 9: 30 here we go allegedly already so, in Germany. Now should be considered to but. Peter Asaro has similar goals. He indeed looks like chocolate, tastes like a very long and fine chocolate, but its chief attraction is its filling. Valuable carob extract and natural pine seed oil.

Chocolite is the new benchmark for the healthy Schokogenuss of amapur. With only 118 kcal per bar and thus a good 40 percent less calorific value than conventional products Chocolite meets the highest requirements: full, intense chocolate flavour with many vital substances for “Knowledge workers”. He contains significantly less fat and sugar than traditional chocolate bars, for more protein and phytochemicals. For more specific information, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The contained polyols are sweet, without increasing blood sugar levels. Blood sugar fluctuations are out, the concentration will be strengthened and the small cravings is passe. The first feature that distinguishes Chocolite ordinary chocolate bars: Carob extract that unzip zuckerte pulp of the pods of the carob tree, rich in insoluble fiber and phytochemicals.

Due to the high fiber content both cholesterol and Bluttfettwerte be cranked demonstrably lowered than the burning of fat. Researchers at the German Institute for nutritional research Potsdam-Rehbrucke in a study have demonstrated that. The second important and special part of this unique candy bar is a one hundred percent natural extract from Korean pine seed oil and PinnoThin. It stimulates the secretion of two suppress hunger hormones (CCK, GLP1), What is the saturation signals to the brain. PinnoThin helps to feel full to reduce appetite and portion size and control so the caloric intake. In addition, it is rich in much – and simply saturated fatty acids to Omega-6 fatty acids. The valuable ingredients of Chocolite: fit makers are for the brain: B-vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and proteins Chocolite that there: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid, unsaturated fatty acids at 55%, with valuable Omega-6 fatty acids, 27% protein, especially milk protein with high biological value Chocolite belongs so in the future as a small, healthy meal for in between, in every Office drawer than break snack in the backpack or in the glove compartment. Also, the chocolate bar weighed 40 grams is suitable due to its special composition for diabetics. Chocolite there’s now new at amapur. A carton containing six chocolate bars and costs 9.95 plus shipping.