Rafik Alekperov

“Back in 2008 we developed and begun to offer partners processors propleks a special program of support to bid – says Rafik Alekperov. – In particular, we provide additional discounts on pvc profiles and components, as well as help optimize production. As a result, possible to reduce production costs by 15%. ” Since the overhaul – a huge front of various works, for many construction companies it is a real chance to improve their business. And it is quite possible that in future it will become the main type of activity.

Do not forget about individual repair. According to statistics, people do it about once a five years, and in any economic situation. Today, given the fact that buying a new home many had to be postponed indefinitely, can be expected to increase the activity of citizens to bring in procedure available to them at the moment apartments. All-weather readiness reorientation of the construction industry to low-rise building construction and municipal overhaul has made this all-season market. “Earlier this year, we first time in twenty years of existence, faced with a surprising trend.

In January and February are traditionally considered to have a vacation, suddenly “jumped” the demand for ceramic tiles – says Inna Bocharova, director of marketing for the company Brickford. – Tile – seasonal goods, the demand for it arises in the autumn, when the time comes cover houses built in the spring and summer. Obviously, in 2008, many began built in the autumn, when the realized the need to save their money and invested them in real estate. Accordingly, in the winter time roofing work. It can be assumed that this trend will continue in the near future, not only for roofing materials. If the “at will” build mostly in warm weather, then on demand – at any time of year. Well, a major maintenance program, the implementation of which is released very small term, are unlikely to dwell on the winter cold. The crisis – a serious challenge for the economy and construction industry – in particular. However, in this industry is the direction that will remain highly liquid even in the face of general decline. Low-rise construction, as well as municipal and individual overhaul – these are the markets, which today should be handled with special care. Maybe it will not only keep the volume of production, but also expand it.