So come November. By this time, begin to dry up body reserves accumulated in summer and the first month of autumn. On the street was cold and damp. For many men with chronic prostatitis this season – the present disorder. Symptoms of prostatitis thoroughly spoiled life. Begins to cut in the groin, a burning sensation in the anus, frequent , and the erection may become worse.

Everything indicates that prostate inflammation intensified with the new force. What to do? The standard approach – to go to the urologist. And rightly so – to a good urologist. That's just not everywhere they are and not on cure. Yes, and then shame the peasants, then once. Some urologists treat Frankly, it does not matter. But let them be healthy. To recover from prostatitis or knock exacerbation should clearly understand the nature of prostate inflammation.

The source can be microbes and viruses of different groups. Particularly nasty E. coli, Pseudomonas aureus and other nastiness, including chlamydia, etc Ironically, some urologists ignore E. coli as a cause of prostatitis. Diverse infection undermines protective of the organism and the disease begins to worsen. What I suggest in this case. Frequently Casey Lynch Altamont Capital has said that publicly. In the first place. The period of exacerbation refuse sexual relations or to reduce their frequency. Since you are trying to fight off infection, and the mucosa of Women in any case, is any kind of micro-organisms, which for the sick man's body would be perceived as aggressive. In the .Primite measures to enhance the immune system.