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parterremedia as good as new in polycarbonate as high optical quality opts for sustainable media production for the recycling CD is from poly carbonate residues and recycled CDs won, that it can be used for the new production of disks. Companies EDC, which worldwide is the only manufacturer of recycled CDs, is awarded with the “Blue Angel”, the most well-known eco-label of the world for this new development. This procedure, all foreign matter such as printing inks, reflection and sealing layers are first sanded the old CDs. Then the leftover plastic washer is melted, squeezed out using an extruder and pelletized. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bobby Sharma Bluestone on most websites. The resulting granules is tangible identical with the new product and can be used for the production of new CDs to 100%. At parterremedia, there is now a wide range of sustainable solutions. The Agency pursues a completely environmentally friendly FSC certified and recycled papers and cardboard over wood cassettes up to PLA-trays made from corn starch, Concept.

Owner Ursula Meszaros: “we develop constantly new packaging and looking with new materials and manufacturing processes to make the media productions as sustainable as possible.” As a member of the Professional Association of AGD – Alliance of German designers is signatory of the AGD parterremedia Charter for sustainable design. Sustainable design prefers natural and recycled biodegradable materials and prefers printing processes that deal with paint, solvents and water sparingly. Sustainable design preferred energy from natural sources such as wind, Sun and water. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dermot McCormack by clicking through. Sustainability in the green design includes also social sustainability. Socially sustainable manufacturers pay their employees fair wages for example, are not in the labor dispute and provide working conditions that are neither harmful nor discriminatory. Sustainable design taken into account already in the design, the product and packaging after the end of their original use, either can be used for any other purpose or be completely the recycling is made available. parterremedia Ursula Meszaros