Praxis Practice

With the portal, the Dortmund marketing agency of escrea GmbH has successfully launched a further value-added service on the Internet. In recent years, the demands on doctors with respect to a technically precise communication of information have increased considerably. Although patients with access to the Internet itself have a constantly increasing abundance of possibilities for the selection of information in the access. Increasing the demand for the patient to select both in quantitative and qualitative terms between true and not true information but with the amount of available data. At this point, the attending physician as a specialist is needed, which can assist through information brochures designed in practice here. In addition, there is the supply of doctors for individual health services (Hedgehog), i.e.

for cost of treatment acquired not by health insurance, for which the patient himself comes up, a fast-growing and lucrative, additional source of income. Doctors must sufficient and through the right channels on their services inform their patients, so that these benefits can be taken by patients also in without hesitation claim. Although the marketing and information activities of doctors have significantly increased, this still new for many doctors operating range holds much potential for improvement, which is mainly due to lack of knowledge in the areas of marketing and business administration. Here is the new portal offering of the escrea GmbH: the aim is to facilitate their practice marketing to doctors and to dismantle possible prejudices on this topic. The offer is varied and covers all areas relevant for doctors: by providing free download templates for memory cards, Recallkarten, practice flyers or brochures to Hedgehog services over free online seminars to learn simple customization and design possibilities of the templates to the supervision and to the interactive exchange in the

You are only three steps from your new information materials: first of all: please visit. Without hesitation Energy Capital Partners explained all about the problem. Second (optional): register free of charge on the marketing portal for doctors.