Powder Paint. Powder Coating .

The process of coloring powder paints is divided into three stages: 1) Surface Preparation. Purification of oils, oxides, rust, etc. Cleaning can be done mechanically or by means of liquid or solvent. 2) Application special paint sprayers. The powder comes in a spray, where it mixes with air. Next, the painted product passes through the diffuser, which houses the high voltage source. Particles of powder paint, passing by high-voltage source, acquire the necessary electrical charge.

Flew past be coated products, the particles stick to the surface. Coating thickness (thickness) is governed by the parameters high-voltage source. 3) Baking paint. Conducted at a temperature of about 200? C. After baking paint, the product is cooled at room temperature for about 15 – 20 min. Thus, powder okraskay – waste-free and environmentally friendly technology for producing high quality decorative and protective or simply decorative and coatings.

Coating is prepared by coating polymer powders on the painted surface of the product. For application powder coatings are suitable metal parts, glass and ceramics. Powder coatings today processed approximately 15% of coated products in the world. There are two types of electrostatic spray. Tribostatic spraying. In this case, the particles acquire a charge as a result of wall friction turbine . 'Tribo' translates as 'friction'. When tribostatic spraying paint is applied with compressed air and retained on the surface due to the charge, acquired as a result of friction on-insulator ptfe, of which the parts of the spray gun. Power source when using tribostatic deposition is not required, so this method is much cheaper. It is used for coloring products which have a complex shape. Disadvantages tribostatic method – a low level of electrification, significantly reduces its performance compared with the electrostatic spraying. Electrostatic spraying. When using this method, the particles acquire a charge from an external source of electricity (high voltage is applied equipment). As a result, powder paint acquires an electric charge through the ionized air in a corona discharge between the surface and the electrode charging head. Corona discharge supported by high-voltage source, a built-in diffuser. The disadvantage of the electrostatic spraying of powder coatings are possible difficulties with the application of paint on the surface with the deaf holes and grooves – as paint particles are deposited primarily on the protruding areas of the surface, it could be Through Coloured Rustic Candles unevenly.