Mitch Ryder CD Detroit

“The new Mitch Ryder CD Detroit ain’t dead yet”, produced by the producer legend Don what, is now available. Berlin/14.11.2009. If by Mitch Ryder, the rock ‘ n’roller from Detroit, the speech is, the phrase is cited by Rolling Stones guitarist of Keith Richards from 1965 like: “Mitch has it! He is one of the most exciting singers that have surfaced for a long time on the music scene.” Since his legendary performance in the WDR Rockpalast 1979, Mitch Ryder is a fixture in the German concert life and sure is still one of the most exciting singer, which you can live. He is accompanied in Europe for 15 years by his German companion grub”. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. 44 years after the verbal Adelung through the Stones guitarist of the stones producer Don produced the current Mitch Ryder CD what “Detroit is not dead yet”. The first shots are after numerous CDs produced in Germany since 1983, which originated in the United States. Who wants to place the empfehlendwerte work under the Christmas tree, find the CD at or distribution. Who the Would rather LIVE on the upcoming tour wants to experience songs, find the dates of the complete tour at under Mitch Ryder..