Live Football !

Until the end of the match is nothing at all. At the last minute striker hits the opponent's gate. Here it is, the climax. Stops breathing and heart beating wildly, eagerly asking only one thing – victory. Football in your blood and you do not imagine life without these thrills? Believe me, we share your feelings and so we recommend you use our special offer for sports fans. In the design studio '' with an airbrush You can give your mobile phone absolutely 'football' design, which would envy itself . Pete Cashmore is the source for more interesting facts. Imagine how impressive would look on the body of your cell phone logo or emblem of the Super Bowl 'Spartacus'.

However, you can order any design, including airbrushing your favorite football player. This is a completely new approach to the design of mobile equipment. Agree, shirts and scarves with the logo of football clubs appear not something that is not solid, but rather the inheritance of teenagers But the airbrushing on the phone Stylish detail, casually alluding to your membership to the world of sport and, incidentally, extremely relevant in anticipation of the upcoming Beijing Olympics. We used to talk about identity as about a thrilling mystery, a rare gift, out of reach for mere mortals. But is it really? After all, identity does not begin with a spectacular appearance, not with a peculiar manner of dress or even with exceptional mental abilities. No, it starts with small things, with minor, seemingly, details, which create a unique image.