Institute Rhetoric

Thanks to the well-known books, Klaus J. Joel, I, like many others met with the property of money as energy. And it is not immediately understood what was meant. Not so long ago, I met with a course of lectures Natalia Grace, director of the Institute Rhetoric in St. Petersburg, and in one of the lectures she gave a very clear explanation of the term. 'The money – the equivalent of your life, they are a part of your life.

And they reinforce all, what is involved 'paying for something, you actually give part of his life. Lending money – does the same. People do not pay their debts, steals from you that part of the life and times that you spent on their earnings. At the expense of 'gain' in general is very interesting turns. Paying lecture say $ 20 or $ 100, 'efficiency' of the lecture will be in direct proportion to the paid for her money. Conversely, taking a friend $ 3000 for half a year, while waiting for the calculation of the year, your 'relationship' to it will depend on the amount of debt, is not it? After taking it for only $ 3, you have half a year and did not remember this … In one word – do not occupy their energy, part of his life.

Can not return – sorry, should themselves – return. Ask for help – just give as much as you are willing to Gifts. Do it and forget about them. Money really reinforces all, what are involved! Not chasing the 'freebie', and are accustomed to pay for everything, you will lead a new friend and more familiar with new energy … under the name 'Money' for me, among other things, the money – the equivalent of my 'value on the market. " The World We evaluate every day, want more money – increase their value to others. But this is a topic for a future post … The whole course of N. Grace (16 lectures) posted in my library – stay tuned …