Installation Systems

Also plumbing GEBERIT has all the necessary qualities and meets all modern technological and sanitary requirements. Cisterns made concern GEBERIT, have absolute reliability. This is especially important, given that all the elements and plumbing systems are mounted inside Wall, thorough, and for a long time. It is therefore necessary to pay special attention to quality, safety and performance of the acquired plumbing. It is also worth noting that all components and spare parts are delivered within 25 years after buying the plumbing GEBERIT. Cisterns are designed for indoor installation of floor / Extra toilets. All elements of the installation GEBERIT can "hide" in the wall: to place inside a brick walls and plaster. Click Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. External element will remain visible or wall plate as it is called actuator plates.

That the company GEBERIT, offers a huge range, overhead panel, for two of Flushing, different colors and stylistic. What will you find an invoice for your stylistic bathrooms or a bathroom. Plumbing system GEBERIT Kombifix suitable for mounting inside or in front of a brick masonry. Installation work does not require any effort and time that is important in modern construction. Kombifix element may be associated with different buttons flush. Installation Systems GEBERIT Kombifix suitable for mounting toilet (Hanging and floor / Extra), urinals, bidets and sinks. Universal system GEBERIT Duofix quickly installed in drywall partitions, inside walls or in front of her, while in compliance with all technical requirements. Geberit concealed cistern provides the necessary quality and safety, responding with the highest standards in noise reduction and fire protection.