When you create the notebook outer surface of plastic is processed by a specific type, which makes it a custom Features: Matte – distinctly roughened surface, which is not noticeable fingerprints and minor scratches. Used in the budget, office and professional models, where there is no need of the veneer, but imposed severe demands on the reliability and practicality. Smooth – smooth but not polished surface roughness almost tactile feel. The characteristics of a thing cross between matte and glossy types – the marks of hands and scratches are already visible, but not as pronounced as in gloss. Found in notebooks of all sizes. Glossy – polished to a mirror finish and / or covered Special paint surface.

The only advantage is the visual appeal of shiny surfaces, demand in the "design" and the multimedia models. Deficiencies in the sample is not more – annoying soiled, distracting from the work and reflections, increased susceptibility to scratches, also under rough handling such a surface can lead to slipping from the hands of the laptop. Soft touch – a special type of surface on feels like rubber. Due to the "soft" texture of the device with this type of cover is very nice and is reliable hands, but rough handling quite easily scratched. In the case of the notebook is rarely used in mainly in the design of the bottom of tablet models – to prevent slipping from his hands. IMD (In-mold decoration) – a very interesting type of surface treatment, which consists of alloying a special plastic film to the surface.