The PRESERVATION of the environment is a subject that always was in guideline, but that in recent years it gained prominence in result of alarming constataes that happens in our country. We can perceive this as the global heating, the effect greenhouse, the high indices of pollution, deforestation, among others problems, that directly affect the life of the people. Whenever Faye Business Systems Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. THE DIGI' RAL is worried about the ambient questions, is for this reason that the beginning of the company is to store in security electronic documents, without the necessity to spend leves with impression, this diminishes the consumption of paper and tonner of the printers. In the daily one: An accounting office, for example, leaves to print diverse types of documents, as: forma bills of sale, declaration and resultant receipts of accessory obligations (income tax, GIA, DAME, RAIS), leves of payment, among others. More info: Apple. If this company will have about 100 customers, the monthly average volume of documents that it leaves to print is of approximately 10 a thousand pages. contribution of an only company can seem small, however, if to analyze large-scale, we will see that the numbers will be well expressive: knows.