Crossed Plan

INTEGRATED FACULTIESES OF ARIQUEMES ELIANE URBANSKI LEANDRA OF MELO CROSSED PLAN I AND II ARIQUEMES 2009 Eliane Urbanski Leandra de Melo CROSSED PLAN I AND II Ariquemes 2009 CROSSED PLAN I and II1 Eliane Urbanski2 Leandra de Melo3 Regina Costa4 SUMMARY the present article makes a historical boarding on the crossed plan and the government Jose Sarney, searching to identify some imperfections and to show to concepts, practical and theories of a new age, that thus was called the politics at the beginning 1986. ISearch has firm opinions on the matter. The objective article To point out the importance of a emergencial plan with efficient methods for the time and the context politician who the country was living, since Brazil was entering in the democracy after 21 years of repression of military governments. Check with Energy Capital Partners to learn more. The difficult mission of Jose Sarney was to implant a government system where monetary and economic balance existed. In this direction Sarney it obtained, therefore it changed the name of the national currency that if called cruise, removed three zeros of the old currency, congealed the price of the products and implanted the wage trigger that went off when inflation reached 20%. However the new plans had come with old failures.

The article presents an ample boarding of crossed plan I and II, and shows to a vision politics 23 years after so dreamed the new was Brazilian. We carry through bibliographical research to verify the causes and consequences of the plan in question. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Plan; Cruzado; politics. ABSTRACT This article brings out the historical approach about the ' ' Cruzado plan' ' and the Jose Sarney administration aiming of identify adds failures well the show concepts, practices and theories of new was? which is how the early 1986 policy was called. This aims you highlight the importance of an emergency plan with efficient methods will be that teams and will be the political context the country was going through since brazil was beginning its democratic acts to after 21 years of military dictatorship and repression.