You’ve heard about it, but you still have some questions. Does advertising in Ezines really work? Yes, advertising on ezines really works and here are 10 reasons why this form of internet marketing is powerful and effective: 1. Some contend that Bobby Sharma Bluestone shows great expertise in this. an Ezine is an electronic magazine or newsletter. The electronic format makes it easy to respond to your listing. A simple click with the mouse is much more practical than picking up the phone, send a card in the mail, or drive to a store. 2. With the electronic format possibility fewer people get distracted before arriving at your store. Just imagine, if you send a traditional sales brochure by mail.

The customer is willing to buy but need to go through other shops before getting to yours and then even passes by more in the Mall. You could spend the money which was destined for you, until you have reached your store!. In an electronic journal only clicks on the ad to get to your store, so There is less possibility of loss. 3. Already have subscribed in opt-in. Opt In means that they have signed up voluntarily to receive the Ezine and they have not been added to the list without knowing it or without your permission. It is less likely that your listing will be pulled into the trash as spam or deleted as spam. It is also likely to be whitelisted, so will not caught by spam filters.

4. It is cheaper than most traditional advertising forms. You’ve seen what it takes to advertise on television, radio, or media written lately? It is also cheaper than many other online advertising options. Have you noticed the cost of PPC (pay per click)? 5. It is easy to direct ads and products towards a specific audience. No matter which is your target audience, always there is an electronic journal who serve and probably dozens to choose. 6. There is no need to limit your category in traditional classified ads. The Classifieds are limited only to your location, so only people looking in that category sees your ad. In an electronic journal all readers see it! 7. The majority of people subscribed to electronic journals to read the free information they expect from their electronic journals and will normally read each topic from beginning to end. As most publishers allows only a limited number of ads, your ad will have very good visibility. 8. The majority of people buy when you least expect it, so while they read their journals, they will be relaxed and more open to marketing. Definitely the opposite is happening with other means of advertising (TV, radio, direct mail) because people already know that a sales speech will come. 9. Persons subscribed to e-journals feel comfortable against the speeches of sales because with the electronic format, there is no risk that have to respond to your listing. There is no risk of pushy sales staff to address them on the phone or in a store. They will feel good to know that with a simple Click can get out again. 10. The electronic format also makes it easy to collect more information about your prospects. You have the opportunity to at least get their names and addresses from e-mail and secure much more. Once you have that, you can sell, sell, and continue to sell!