Celeron Mobile

The purpose of this study is to test memory bandwidth and notebooks reveal the differences in the overall notebook performance based on memory bandwidth. Although and testing was done on laptops, the results of this study it is also applicable to desktop systems. In the hands of the authors had two nearly identical laptop Dell Inspiron, they only differed in the type of memory in a Dell Inspiron 2200 333MHz DDR was, in another Dell Inspiron B120 DDR2 533MHz purpose of this test initially are not thoughtful conclusions about the impact of modern architecture of memory buses on the number of iterations per second as current notebooks. The goal is to provide readers with objective and easy to understand for most ordinary users of information on price / performance ratio when buying a new or used laptop Laptops submitted for testing, belong to the so-called 'budget' sector and in new condition cost at the time of this writing, about $ 700 in used about $ 500. So, our laptops: 1.Dell Inspiron 2200 1400Mhz (1Mb L2, Dothan) / 512Mb 333Mhz DDR / firmware CPU MU06D820 2.Dell Inspiron B120 Celeron Mobile 1400Mhz (1Mb L2, Dothan) / 512Mb 533Mhz DDR2 Dual Mode / processor microcode MU06D820 Both laptops have identical hard drives, which, however, little interest in the prospect of comparative testing and the same graphics chipset Intel 910/915 – which will contribute to the objectivity of our testing in the 3D tests. Dothan core of our processors is nothing like a second version of the famous core platform for mobile computers, Intel Centrino, the original core processor which has been code-named Banias.