Carlos Brazilian

Atlantic one is one of most important Brazilian ecosystems and also shelter of diverse species of organisms, between them, great number of migratory Brazilian and exotic birds. The existence of diverse vegetal species, provides to shelter and diversified feeding, however the antrpica action, has caused increasing reduction of the forest area, having given place the real estate speculation that advances in littoral areas in search of pretty landscapes and profits in the real estate field. With this, many birds that before were only seen in areas of natural forests, now also are observed in the capitals, as for example So Paulo. In this direction, the urban vegetation becomes important therefore can guarantee the life of these species beyond allowing to its comment and studies its respect. One of vegetables very used in arborization in the city of S.

Pablo is Hat-of-Sun (Terminlia catappa), that although exotic, very produces fruits appreciated by Periquitos-Green (tirica Brotogeris) that they are endemic birds of the Kill-Atlantic Brazilian and therefore they deserve special attention with regard to maintenance of this species. In field studies, it was observed that in a period of 1 hour, each bird can consume at least 6 deriving fruits of the Terminlia catappa. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions. Considering that these animals normally live in groups of 8 the 10 elements we can to conclude that the relation between plant and bird is of great importance and the presence of this arbreo vegetable, that even so are exotic, guarantees good part of the food that these Brazilian birds consume..