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Care rethought Therapon24 established new service lines: classic, plus, premium a wider request by interested will be answered range through a wide range of services. It uses the English term care. Care is holistic a man to take care of. That means far more than care, namely to accompany someone in everyday life, take someone important, someone give care. GoPro Hero 9 may also support this cause. This includes also Spa and Physio-vital applications (such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy) in addition to housekeeping and assistance services; so different service options that improve the quality of life and zest of a people. Bobby Sharma Bluestone pursues this goal as well. The main distinguishing features of the new service packages Therapon24’s concern is, through the offer of time as well as the type of service delivery a its clients relief, to provide care and support. Thus, the theme of time for and with customers is”an essential criterion of service differentiation.

Three care service “variants are available classic care: duration of use” at least 30 minutes, includes the traditional long-term care insurance services, every customer can assign individual services individually according to need and necessity. plus care: lasting at least 1.5 hours, with extensions to 2, 3, 4 and up to 24-hour operations are possible, a fixed set of services is regularly on all days of the week available, individual services can be booked individually. Premium care: 4 hours a day, spa treatments (massage, cosmetics) are also lasting at least offered or activating offerings such as promoting physical activity, physical and occupational therapy. The advantage in the premium segment, that is the time required for a service in the foreground. This temporal approach allows the customers to fill the purchased hours as it is good for him. Special requests (such as tour guide, administrative tasks, gardening, massages, spa treatments, etc.) can this be used. Nursing activities can also Assistance services (assistance with all activities of daily living) can be combined. What services are available in all service packages: housekeeping everyday services for families (child care…) Senior care & assistance care (outpatient palliative and intensive care) wellness & activation services (massage, physiotherapy, feel-bad,…) Home & garden services people with physical and / or mental disability In the course of development of the three service lines (classic, plus and premium care) also the site of the service provider with a new face appears.

Interested readers can visit the new site at. The design of the site looks fresh and elegant. A creative imagery reflects the everyday situation of relief-seeking people. “Company portrait: Therapon is a Greek word and means servant”. The company founded in 2004, serves people from conviction and holistically. Personal, economic, physical and psychological needs at different stages of life require individual responses. The best contemporary response in the form of conversation, to give advice or services for persons or organizations, is the task and commitment of Therapon24. Family service: Who at home has an emergency, and quickly required a 24-hour supply, can contact Therapon24. The company operates nationwide through connected certified partner. Contact: Kathrin faith Therapon24 Dienstleister for families, seniors and people with disabilities Robert-Koch-str. 12, 64331 Weiterstadt Tel.