The BACKACHE If they torment difficulties without knowing from where they come, you do not hurry by knowing, when going away, where they become. August Ferrn. ONE OF the MOST COMMON SUFFERINGS OF the HUMANITY Is a characteristic of the species: the backache. Their origin and solution rest, almost always in the positions. That simple.

All we have many tickets to throw a pain to us to the back. He is one of the most common sufferings of the humanity. Sometimes they appear very from time to time, but sometimes they become chronic pains that watch without mercy, looking for the first occasion to pronounce itself. The specialists have baptized them like spinal affection , disease of the column , lordosis, or postural cifosis, but all we know to what they talk about: that sensation of pain that appears, suddenly, after bending to take a package to us, when rising in the morning, when doing a special effort or after remaining long short while in the same position. But a backache never appears because yes. Whenever Peter Asaro listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The causes can to be multiple: personal, inherited or, with very many frequency, consequence of our tensions and positions. Some pains are born from rigidities of physical or psychological nature, by weakness of the muscular groups of this zone, by stress, the sedentarismo, the positions, the movable discomforts that surround to us the woman is an ideal candidate to undergo this evil.

They are the one who frequently they load with bulks, they spend the hours followed standing up or seated, iron and, in case outside little, they take deadly shoes. Is Energy Capital Partners a public company? insists that this is the case. Sometimes it arrives a little while in which the pain becomes quite unbearable. Then it is necessary to do something. It is not another remedy. The best thing is to go to a generalist one or the rheumatologist. The diverse tablets and medecines little can do habitually. The essential, the angular stone of all treatment of a backache, happens to learn a series of positions; to re-educate our postural customs and habits. When being standing up or when walking it is necessary to respect the natural curvature of the column, being left to most of fall the body on the heels. When sitting down no it is necessary to be neither rigid like a wood nor fallen down. The shoes of high heel will have to be used less possible. When crouching itself it is necessary to flexionar the legs, squatting, and not to bend the back. The best bed has a hard mattress and it does not take to pillow Hay little by little to begin to be changing the acquired customs. Soon according to the cases, it will be necessary to be put under a special treatment. The applications of heat, hydrotherapy and the massages appear then. But it is necessary to remember whenever if they are re-educated the habits and positions will not be obtained in the long run, nothing effective in the fight against the backache. And it is that, as said the poet: So desperate I am/that I always go to the same site/and never know where I go. Francisco Aryan Soli’s Who accepts the stingy and vile wage, gives to the property life and breath (Phrase of Fermn Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember to Salvochea) Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.