Arts Commission

They have launched the initiative of itinerant camping. The campers from Sun are going to the square of the Town Hall in Rivas-Vaciamadrid invited by the popular Assembly of this municipality. They want to make it clear that those who remain in sunlight are not motion 15-M. The last campers in the Puerta del Sol who slept in a dozen of shops located after the permanent information point leave today Rivas-Vaciamadrid to begin his itinerant camping. Late in the morning of Monday the campers came to pick up their tents, bags and mattresses, as announced yesterday in the general Assembly.

A truck and several City Hall cleaning service workers have begun to clear the area, known as Villa-Quechua, until now occupied by shops of a score of people who refused to leave while the Sun Assembly urged them to do so. We are organizing ourselves to take us all the material, are now friends with their cars and a truck to carry us all, said Andre Albert, one of the campers that they are more than one month into the plaza. The campers from Sun are going to the square of the Town Hall in Rivas-Vaciamadrid invited by the popular Assembly of the municipality, to raise awareness and provide information as explained Paco, who acts as spokesman for the group. We intend to go from Assembly to Assembly, where we accept or call us to remain visible said Paco. There are still three buildings, one of which serves as a refuge to the last members of the Food Commission, who had also decided to leave, but today several members have stated that they do not know when they will be in Sun. It is also the Arts Commission which consists of several planks of wood painted many colors where, according to a member of the Commission, not nobody sleeps but the materials for activities and assemblies are stored. The recently built wooden barrack will remain indefinite or until the general Assembly decides that he dismantle: you will see every day, said Felix, a Coordinator of the information point.

This structure, covered with blue tarps, now concentrates on the movement activity. Here are put in common declarations or proposals that emerge in the working groups and are boards with schedules of meetings or actions that are carried out. A dozen people remain day and night at the information booth to watch over it and continue giving information to anyone who comes to ask. Source of the news: the last campers in Sun moved camp to Rivas