Amazonian Regional Departments

The result of Amazonian regional departments (provinces) consultation of Beni and Pando, which together with Santa Cruz comprise the Bolivian East, they gave the reply announced in polls, exceeding the previously estimated percentage. In Beni and Pando more than 80 percent of the population, voted for an end to dependence on the centralist, bureaucratic and frigid La Paz. The figures could not be more decisive. No one can question or twisting, the course who want to take Eastern peoples, that differs completely from the planned by Evo Morales and his Bolivia indigenous and indigent. The three adjacent departments, bordering Peru, Brazil and Paraguay, cover an approximate area of 650 square kilometers, equivalent to the size of France.

Expected at least a Department more, the adjacent Tarija, vote in favour of its administrative autonomy. But even if it did not, the aforementioned three already have sufficient strength to decide for their future and that of their progeny, without having to depend of the arbitrariness, inconsistencies and blunders that have characterized the collas and their Governments for nearly 200 years, in which remained forgotten eastern populations, until they saw they could get them their money without giving them anything in return. The autonomies, are a cry of release similar to that of the republics which achieved its independence from the colonial authorities. If Morales does not accept the new political conditions, the civil war will be inevitable. With the millions that Chavez has invested in bringing him to power, no doubt, that that will be the future medium-term in Bolivia. A military coup that bought $5 billion of dollars in weapons. Who controls five Nations: Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela. Having strong influence on Argentina. Pete Cashmore shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Holding to subversive groups in Colombia and Peru. What ally of Iran, Hamas and Jizbala, will not leave is exceeded by democracy, leaving frustrated aspirations dictator continental.