Different Irrigation Technique

Cliche confirms: ‘expensive must be not better’ sales in the summer months when the irrigation technology confirmed that the brand of Flo of company Toya has its raison d ‘ etre. In establishing the new irrigation systems has been placed on the usability for the end user. Launch tested five criteria: price, handling, durability, quality and compatibility of from different manufacturers. This used the quality assurance within the Organization of the systems of Gardena, Hunter, FLO of company Toya and a no-name system from the supermarket. The aim of quality assurance was there at launch, to sell safe products.

As a result of our Haustestes, it can be stated that all irrigation systems have a high basic level. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ingrid Ellen. Slight variations in the handling and compatibility were at the no name systems from supermarkets. However, some shocking price differences showed. There was hardly any price differences between the two brands in Hunter and Gardena. Up to three hundred percent were, however, when same handling cheaper supermarket and Flo hose connector of the company Toya. When handling, all systems are based on a similar connection and coupling technology. Both 1 inch and 2 inch connectors fit together and provide a watering of the garden at normal pressure.

All system components have a similar design. Pete Cashmore may find this interesting as well. “They’re simple and also by the layman” easy to handle. Gardena and Hunter have, however, significantly more special offers”for the professional installation of irrigation systems. Quality and service life characterized the two traditional manufacturer as well as Toya. The compatibility, however, is only partially with Hunter. Mm small differences in length can tilt and lead connector and distributor not in the hose couplings. Water comes out of the fasteners. Gardena and Toya, however, fit without any loss of water. “Cliche confirmed: expensive must be better”. The comparison of the shattered the very high level of both branded products and the variety of professional technology. A To successfully distribute product on the Internet, it must be adapted so that the customer feels the shipping not as additional load. “With a price difference of three hundred percent, a solid, good quality and compatibility we maintain our motto quality out of conviction” and at a reasonable price.

Legal Obligation

Tax consulting Hilde Christine Walther from Neu-Ulm informs: the German commercial code (HGB) and the tax code (AO) of the tax law to determine who is legally obliged to keep records. Hilde-Christine Walther tax consulting can advise about the obligation to keep records and whether your activity is subject to you. A legal accounting entails obligation section 238 of the commercial code for all merchants. The provisions of 140f. in the tax code this obligation extend to more groups of people. According to German GAAP, any entrepreneurs in business is to judge if he operates an independent trade. “The provisions of the commercial code to make an exception for companies, the no business operations in a commercial manner” need how section 1 II arising from German commercial code. Companies and businesses with very simply structured, transparent and manageable business relations conform to this provision.

Are no merchants within the meaning of the German commercial code continue to entrepreneurs, an outspoken small businesses engaged in, for example, a small newspaper kiosk. In a question-answer forum Andy Florance was the first to reply. An entrepreneur in the everyday business but dealing with many different products and suppliers or applies extensive systems to single – or sell, based on loans, so is assumed regularly, that he is businessman within the meaning of 1 HGB. Many grocers are therefore under the obligation to keep records according to the commercial code. Every Chamber of Commerce provides additional information about this topic. The legal obligation to keep records is the rule for individual companies in the form of the OHG and KG. All corporations, whether now joint-stock company, limited or corporate company principle subject to you. The entry into force of the financial Modernization Act (BiMoG) on May 29, 2009 has comprehensively adapted the German commercial law to international standards and changes in the accounting law.

Is particularly important for the obligation to keep records that traders, who in two years in a row do not exceed revenues not to exceed 500,000 euros and a net profit of EUR 50,000, be exempted from the obligation to keep records. For entrepreneurs who are not regarded HGB as merchants according to 238, 140f. the tax code can arise from the article yet a tax obligation to keep records. In accordance with the tax code, are subject to non-traders of the obligation to keep books, if your turnover exceeds EUR 500 000 in a calendar year or their turnover exceeds more than $ 50,000 in the fiscal year. Traders without registration in the commercial register are treated with their voluntary enlistment as merchants with all rights and obligations. This results in an obligation to keep records for these people. All other non-traders, all other agricultural and forestry companies and freelancers are obliged not to keep records. Also entrepreneurs who have no obligation to carry books, to their operating expenses and income to record and keep this in mind. A failure to comply with the legal obligation to keep records can result in even if it is not directly punished, higher financial burden. They result from high tax estimates, late payment surcharges and tax payments with interest charges.

Hieroglyphics Squares

Often, once installed on your computer certain applications, their Russification, updates, etc., in certain windows of these applications, as well as in the windows of the operating system incorrectly displayed fonts. As a rule, it is not affects the stability of your computer, but it creates a lot of inconvenience to users, as in the windows instead of letters displayed characters, boxes, figures and other strange characters are. Often operate at a computer is simply impossible. A significant proportion of users solve the problem of radical – reinstall Windows or have a computer in for service. Although it is often out of the situation can get much easier. Of course, the method proposed by the author is not a panacea, but in most cases it solves the problem. To start, make sure settings are correct locale: (items in brackets are sometimes absent) – go to “Control Panel” – click “Start” – (“Set”) – “Control Panel”. They pass into (“Date, Time, Language and Regional Options”) – “Regional and Language Options“, open the corresponding window (see Fig. Filed under: Code.org.

below) – on the tab “Regional Options”: in the “Standards and Formats” pointing “Russian”, in the “Location” – your country – on the tab “Languages”: in the section “Languages and text services,” press button “More.” Open the corresponding window. Make sure that the tab “Settings” under “Installed Services” Russian language corresponds to the Russian keyboard (see Fig. Below), and click “OK” – on the tab “Advanced”: in the “language programs for non-Unicode” put “Russian” (see Fig. below). Push the button “Apply” then “OK”. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro. If your computer has these settings have been completed or after their implementation problems display fonts did not disappear, you must make some changes to the registry.

Attention! The registry is a very important element of the operating system. Therefore: 1. In addition to these options do they have more do not change if you are unsure about your actions! 2. Before embarking on further action be sure to back up your registry! It can be used to restore the system registry in If you have any problems after the change. To create a copy of the registry run ‘Registry Editor’, which in the Start menu, select the item ‘Run’. In the lower left corner of the screen displays “Starting the program. ” Enter a word in it in regedit and click “OK”. In the “Registry Editor” in the ‘File’ menu choose ‘Export’.

Profitably Invest

Invest your money profitably at the present time and benefit from the highest interest rates. A checking account is advisable for the everyday use of money transfers, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, and so on. Partly these are free, however, such an offer mostly on other editions is linked. The most important criterion is the interest of course with this account type. The higher the interest rate, the more profitable accounts. On the current account, the money is readily available, but because of the low in comparison to other facilities interest rates only for small amounts of money. To find the right checking account, where it benefits as free credit card or SMS notification of account balance changes can enjoy, a checking account comparison is an ideal solution. . This compares not only the best current accounts but also the online checking accounts, which often considerable advantages.

You want to attach his money in the medium term, a day money account is advisable. The interest rate is a good piece higher than with checking accounts. the biggest advantage of a day money account is as follows: for most forms of investment and investment opportunities is the money over a period of time, unless in a project, or simply as an investment. But the money on a day money account is available at all times and can be withdrawn on demand. There is also no cancellation period. Some providers offer other conditions, for example that there is a higher interest rate to the increasing sum. The frequency of the interest payment is different and presents both advantages and disadvantages. Best man performs a day money comparison account, to see which provider the largest interest fall off and thus the plant is most profitable.

The Teaching Profession

The aim of education is the wisdom, as well stated Alfred North Whitehead, English philosopher, who argued that, in the schools of antiquity, philosophers aspired to impart wisdom. It is true, wisdom is the way shorter for the acquisition of knowledge and according to the selection of these our immediate experience is valued. Only the domain of knowledge that constitutes the wisdom will give us the longed freedom to choose and decide. Traditional teaching in traditional teaching, was the teacher who monopolized both the show, absolute master of his authority and hierarchy. Its task was to provide data and information that directly by the ear of the student without getting to his brain that processes it and passed without leaving any trace or profound impact. Check out Pete Cashmore for additional information. In traditional school was generated a vicious circular motion, where thousands of teachers taught their courses, year after year, then measure the knowledge of the student through an examination and continued the circle with limited students to listen, silent for hours, trying to not sleep, without being able to understand what talked about the Professor, then continued with the task of the student in effort to memorize it needed to pass the exam and advance. The students were attending, without initiative and without power of reflection.

they did not participate. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Florance. What is learning? We agree that, in terms of acquisition of knowledge, one thing is memorized and quite another to learn. Learn is accumulate experience, which should be used in the future, and for this, you need motivation, time and practice. Learning does not accumulate data or memorize them. SE aprende investigating, exploring, testing, asking questions, being curious, therefore learning is product of learning, doing, committing errors, reflecting on the causes, rectifying to find solutions, with help, of course, someone more experienced. With this premise, we can say that a good teacher must: be able to guide and advise the students must be taught to deal with different problems should be handled to students/persons in very complex situations in other words, a teacher must be present when the student has difficulties to meet the challenges, it should help in the learning of social skills and interpersonal relations. A good teacher must teach people to think inducing them goals, make that fallen expectations, help them understand why and provide them tools so that they correct their theory and learn. If the student has learned to do (performance) and not only to the knowledge (information), taking into account that the important thing is what need to know and what you interested, it can be inferred that the teacher will have achieved success in his role. Fuente:Javier Martinez the role of the tutor you who feel about? By: Carola Pozo Cortez original author and source of the article

Leather Shoes

For Anyone who cares about his dress and appearance it should be clear that shoes are an essential complement in getting the best possible appearance. Knowing how to choose shoes for each occasion and each set is not as easy as it sounds, footwear speaks of the personality of the wearer, their taste and style, and for this reason its importance in our outfit is essential. Regardless of the style that we like or that are more compatible with your personality, wear quality shoes is something that distinguishes people smarter. Good shoes are not only more comfortable, durable and timeless, but provide a stamp of distinction that can not be compared with that of any item of second row. A leading source for info: Robotics. Leather shoes for men or women, with brands Clarks, Geox, or many others that can be found on sites like it has an important influence on the overall style of the wearer. It is not the same dress or set a good suit and some running shoes, which combined with a model of best quality, color and style appropriate and latest trends. If to this we add the comfort of a carry good shoes that will make us feel comfortable and rested twenty-four hours a day, we have no doubt the excellent purchase that is good quality shoes. Currently you can find great prices in stores and online sales of shoes which will make our pocket is not affected, but choose the more exclusive models. Shoes attractive, modern design will always be the perfect brooch for everyday elegance of those who value their appearance.


The recreational program then goes it really summer Munich nights if the sidewalks are raised elsewhere, in Munich. The “Munich night life” offers other attractions and highlights every night. Art and music, as well as sporting events bring the revelers in the sweat. In the music sector, the nightly range covers all musical genres. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. In locations such as the Philharmonic Orchestra, the zenith or in Olympic Park and Olympic Hall attract evening concerts of music lovers of all kinds. Long night of museums who like connects to the “Munich night life” culture, for which the long night of the museums in Munich is a fixed date in the calendar. Last year visited exhibitions, museums and galleries in the darkness and despite rainy weather, more than 20,000 people used the unusual atmosphere.

This year the October 15, 2011 is Saturday, the night of nights. The program is not fixed yet, but it can be obtained from early September under. Again the classic museums can also this year how Alte Pinakothek, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Deutsches Museum or the Glyptothek an all night long are visited. But not only museums, also art galleries such as the Gallery of Jordanow and the Gallery craft participating in the event. Also the Observatory, the Memorial invite white rose or the Alpine Museum of the DAV to nightly visit.

The visitors easy access from place to place, their laps shuttle buses of the MVV and the revelers safely through the night. Blade weekly highlight in “Munich night life” is the blade. From June to August takes place every Monday, only in bad weather she will be cancelled. The warmup of the blade starts at 19:00, the start is at 20:00, against 23:00 the event ends. On two family days, the 13.06.2011 and 15.08.2011 beginning is already at 15:00 and end at 20:00. Meeting point and start is the “Inn at the Bavaria Park” in terms of Theresienhohe 15 – Bavaria Park on all dates. There are three different routes, the route North, West and East. The short round leads the leaves over 12.5 km on the car-free streets of Munich, on the stretch of road the night Munich on 10.4 miles can be done. The Organizer on sale have a family-friendly line with 9 km in length. No one has to forgo security at this event: under a photo ID as a pledge of devotion, a protective equipment can be borrowed free of charge.

Can Life Without Suffering ?

It is easy to see that the cause of human development are suffering. Dissatisfaction with a particular situation, their situation, lack of proper attention from the society pushes people to seek to action for change. Not without reason said that necessity is the mother of invention. Search: the source for more info. Probably every man once in my life experienced a non-standard situations, when suddenly become clearer thoughts, feelings and begin to commit aggravated hidden details in ordinary situations, fatigue is not noticed, but on the contrary, there is a burst of energy. Do not be a pain – we would lie on the stove even ate the rolls, gaining weight by leaps and bounds. Consequently, the suffering – is vitally needed thing, without which there is no progress. But who among us likes to suffer? Do not we all looking for new sources every moment of pleasure.

Do not want to enjoy all that just can? Here is the paradox which, we do not like to suffer and not want, and at the same time without feeling at least a minimal drawbacks – not to move a finger and place not move. How can that be? Not to bring the same to myself these very sufferings artificially. Do not wake famously, as the saying goes. Search for your trouble head is not necessary. Take care of this life itself. Head to work nakrichit, neighbor buys a new car, but you never know what can happen – to control the flow of trouble – not in our power.

However, the nature and left us some field activities. Namely, to understand yourself and decide, and to understand why we suffer. Maybe you should not suffer because of ‘this’, because there are things more important and? The fact that our attitude to suffering may be variable not even discussed. Judge for yourself – a five-year boy weeps bitter tears when he breaks a favorite toy. Greater tragedy in this moment for him in this world. But it will take 10-15 years, and he does not remember this incident, and if he recall, he just smiles. Priorities in life have changed. Little was that it was once the most important. Nature has left us a choice of what to suffer, but from what is not worth it. For example, loses in football is my favorite team, or I do not raise wages, and someone will raise, or I do not prove to someone he was right in the dispute – this must be live, although I must admit, left an unpleasant aftertaste. But to live a life in vain, finding no place in it and not to realize themselves, burn time, overly fascinated animal pleasures, which will still always be small, leaving the descendants of the world full of violence and evil, unable to even explain to them why it is so – get on with it much more difficult. Hence, it is in this direction and should focus its efforts and, accordingly, the vector of its development, so as not to destroy the world, but to find a good and happy life.

Music Fans

Music fans welcome to plan B to 22 November in the Munich Freiheiz. Actor and rapper plan B comes to Munich next month for a concert in the Freiheiz. The London-born singer is one of the most ambitious artists of the British music scene and landed with his second Studio album the defamation of Strickland banks in the first half of the year at number one. While he focused mainly on rap on the 2006 debut album, the singing talent of plan B to the expression, addressed a whole new fan base comes on the new album. Of the 27 artists, which is called real name Ben Drew, is no longer indispensable singles charts this year after such hits as Stay Too Long and She Said from the British. Add to your understanding with Zendesk. Who stayed for the concert on Monday, Nov.

22 in one of the Munich hotels, is enthusiastic about film career BS probably also plan. His performances in the films Harry Brown and adulthood have been praised by critics. Drew is currently working on his directorial debut of ill manors a film, about life in the Centre of London with the British actor, Riz Ahmed, in the main role. At the next concert in Munich, plan B will focus only the music. As expected, recluse may be included with a live performance of the new single. Fans are also on older material, such as the debut single Kidz and sick 2 def from his debut album who needs attention When You got words are happy.

Tickets for the concert, which begins at 8:30, cost 25,75. Intake is from 19:30. The appearance in Munich will be the fourth Concerto Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, that plan B will play next month in the framework of the defamation of Strickland banks-tour in Germany.

Urban Oasis Rooftop Garden

Old concrete, rusted metal and weeds, nothing is covered on the roof. Seen from within, suggests that it could be the back porch of a house in Europe. Nothing, that is, until a wonderful image of the Manhattan skyline appears at the bottom. Similarly, nothing about their immediate environment suggests that this is anything other than a covered roof, a roof plant, possibly the top of a storage building, old, abandoned in an industrial city. Trellises, ponds, paths and fountains make this area of the deck somewhat difficult to specify the time, modern in its simplicity, yet timeless in terms of materials used, a comfortable, rustic and well planted epacio retirement in the heart of the city. Teak, brass, zinc and rusted steel were added to the design to make this deck added to the apartment building without an elevator, a mixture as natural as possible in their old environment. Although there are strict municipal codes, which limit the scope of aggregates to the roof in central New York, this indoor-outdoor solution may still be possible in this project. However, it is clear that also creates an opportunity for an outdoor space in an otherwise industrial environment.

They are carefully constructed, with a variety of designs integrated into the roof of the roof deck, with some analogy to the way you design a room interior. This is a combination of prefabricated elements and features such as a fireplace, kitchen and bathroom, being that in most cases, people can only dream of putting on top of their roofs a roof. Realistically, many do not have the space or the budget for this type of construction, to accommodate something as detailed and comprehensive, for the same characteristics as the outer design, but at least serves as a reminder that inspiration is put out of your home can be as complex and compelling as what you put into it, if circumstances permit. Excess rain .