Restore Natural Hair Color

If you are blonde, brunette or painted in brown hair, the dark pigment builds up and stays in the hair longer than the light. Therefore, for clarification you require to pass three or more chemical wash salon procedures, are made with an interval of several weeks. Be prepared for that and then your hair will not return to its natural, and will be a characteristic light – yellow, which, however, it is easy to paint in close to your natural. If you do not change color drastically, gives the hair a fashionable color. Return the color of their hair is not difficult, just a very soft, not ammonia wash. For assistance, try visiting isearch. If you're a brunette, dyed blonde – based on the color of roots podberaem shade close to your natural coloring tsvetu.Pered should conduct a so-called pre-pegmentirovanie: On the lighter parts of the hair, apply the paint for 15 minutes on the main tone is lighter.

This is to ensure that the color would not washed away with the rest bystree.chem hair. And only then stained all of the hair. How to get my hair color? Hair. The natural color of hair depends on the natural melanin pigment, containing dye itself, and the number of air bubbles. Melanin is produced by melanocytes in the hair follicle. Hair pigment is of two kinds: black and brown – evmelanin and yellow-red – pheomelanin. Distributed unevenly it: the closer to the outer layer of the hair, the less coloring matter, in their cuticle is almost there.

In Stroke: Los Serenity Of Horse And Rider

New seminar series with high-profile speakers and dedicated operators heartbeat failure, impure step, urgent or restrained kicks and one-sided braces: these are all signs of a defective Los serenity. The result: The horse braced himself and not more willingly works with. Educate yourself with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. How do you get all these problems through the mental and physical serenity of Los in the handle, show and explain high-calibre speakers in a new seminar series titled: \”Improvement of Los serenity through optimal solution phases\”. The seminar is aimed at riders who want a focused cooperative horse, that clock in dates with swinging back and moves the same elastic on both sides. Speakers: Dr. Ulrike Thiel, writer, Dressage judge, instructor and founder of the Institute of HippoCampus.

David William de Wispelaere, International Grand Prix riders, instructors and trainers in Aachen. Fritz Weiss, Sattler in the 5.Generation and former international show jumping and military riders. Gert Schwabl of Gordon, certified instructor of FN and Instructor. The first event thematically self-contained takes place on 13 April 2008 at math Wachtelhof. By the way: The seminar participants can share advance especially of interest to you, to respond to in the seminar.

Our contact and booking available is for municipalities. 5 seminar courses are giving away the Internet TV and For more information see section exclusive companies – horseback riding seminars Hermes, or. For further questions and pictures we like are available. Text and pictures are for royalty-free use. More information and registration see – editorial information for speakers and organizers Dr.Ulrike Thiel ( author (the psyche of the horse), clinical psychologist, instructor, Dressage judge, Hippische Sportpsychologin and Equitherapuetin. Dr.Ulrike Thiel approaching man and horse through different approaches. The classic riding lesson, psychomotricity, the hippische Sports psychology and the applied behavioral research. Target is a certified go mentally and physically and happy working with horse thinking is permitted.

Tips And Simple Means For Maintaining Your Tires

Such as the tyres, and keeps, Aur… A related site: tech investor mentions similar findings. No fear of punctures: Who moves with his eyes wide open and the appropriate degree of prudence in the road, will allow his tires a long and fulfilling life. Here you will find tips and simple remedies, such as this possible. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They are stable and sensitive at the same time, high speeds have to put away as well as constantly changing weather and road conditions: our car tires. But they include not just the things in the car, we treat very carefully. The trick is really pressing is the correct air pressure, a lot. Finally occur most tire damage due to low fill pressure or be made worse as a result.

A quick look in the manual, on the B-pillar or in the tank lid of the vehicle enough to find the correct value. The compressed air dispenser at the gas station Gets the rest. But be careful: at some gas stations, air testing costs money now. Who wants to have convenient and cheap, drives just to the tire dealer. Checking and topping up is there free and specialized companies like the pneuhage tyre services know the correct value anyway. Check tyre pressure cold every 14 days experts recommend to check the tire air pressure about every 14 days in the cold tires and it also again to think of the spare wheel. Cold, because the tires warmed up while driving and increases the pressure.

Only with the correct air pressure, you can ensure security, stability and maximum service life of the tyre. Already with only 0.2 bar below this value reduces the tire mileage by around 10%. She will even halved from 0.6 bar less pressure! Why? Too little air, the tire while driving suffers an excessive deformation. Thus he warms up unnecessarily, the rubber is overused and may eventually cause damage.


Square connect remote control system ‘Blaster’ combines home theater with home automation Copenhagen/Hanover Square connect, Member of the Z-Wave Alliance (, introduces its new infrared remote control system to control home control devices at CeBIT. The new version of the Blaster Pro “transmitter uses the Z-Wave wireless technology and allows now the centralized control of lighting, blinds and other compatible devices in the home network as well as the operation of all home entertainment devices. Combined with the touch-screen control platform SQ remote iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as control can be bound to interfaces on the SQ-Blaster. For many homeowners, home control starts with the home theater experience. This remote area was expanded recently by square connect additional components, to implement the transition to the complete home automation. The new remote control system and builds a bridge from the conventional AV remote control to the entire range of equipment within the Home network. As control platform iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Flexible control of SQ Blaster is a Wi-Fi/Infrarot(IR)-Transmitter. Combined with the associated application SQ remote for iPhone and iPad offers a freely configurable universal remote control system users. It allows use as a wireless version via IR or wired IR transmitters users. The control surface on the Smartphone is easy to set up and can be transferred to other devices with a few clicks. The SQ Blaster is available in a sophisticated design with a bamboo or cherry wood cabinet.

In addition, multiple devices within a Wi-Fi network can be integrated under simultaneous use of different control surfaces (smartphones, tablets). Both SQ remote as also SQ Blaster has a learning function, which receives toggle codes and recognize. An open API interface allows also the uncomplicated integration in more control applications, as well as home automation solutions. The user can insert SQ Blaster Pro in several ways, such as entry-level solution in the home automation, as zones “control unit within a larger network of square connect devices or as a second control system in addition to an existing Z-Wave network.” The combination of Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and IR allows control of nearly any Wi-Fi compatible device. The solutions are flexible, easy to set up and can in a short time both on different control requirements. The Z-Wave Alliance present on the CeBIT 2011-members poly-control, Wintop, square connect, eminent, Aeon Labs and FAKRO in Hall 19, stand D04 their current product highlights. Also shows Z-Wave Alliance-member QEES at stand C06 in Hall 19 solution be in the smart metering area. For more information see and. About Z-Wave Z-Wave is the first technology that provides an affordable, reliable, and easy to use wireless control of every aspect of the daily life of home, consumer electronics, HealthCare and Use of energy, to name only a few. Z-Wave is an award-winning, proven and interoperable wireless mesh-networking technology, a wide range of devices in the and the communication around the House. These include lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment and security systems. Z-Wave enriched daily life to many advantages such as remote home monitoring, home health care and maintenance, safety and energy savings.

German Flood

“New gaming app ‘StreetRivals’ color flood available now in the VZ-networks Hamburg, November 08, 2010, now there’s the gaming app StreetRivals” color flood entertainment in the VZ networks. With the new app, which is a special version of the Browserspielklassikers paddock game, users can put together with their friends in the world of a homeless man. Playful and satirical, at the same time you get to know the problems of the homeless, will be made aware of their problems”, says Marius Follert (21), inventor of the online game. The concept behind StreetRivals: a digital homeless continued to, committing small crimes and collects donations for survival. The community features of VZ-networks be used to post donation links in the profiles of friends or invite them to the play together. Who logs on to the VZ-networks and fills out a digital business card for this new app, StreetRivals can be”directly in the VZ-profile download and get started. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi. The social network is rapidly in importance as a venue for an interactive Gaming experience to. MMOGs (Massivley multiplayer online games) thrive in an environment that invites the social exchange and is designed for networking.

The VZ-networks in German-speaking countries at the top there. About color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates worldwide online games. Founder and Managing Director are the 21-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally operating company is operative with his games – including the successful Penner game – in eight languages in over 30 countries. The Hamburg-based company is actively engaged for the homeless, by regularly donates a portion of the revenue for the benefit of charitable projects and works closely with many homeless associations. Press contact Sebastian Ludemann, press spokesman color flood Entertainment GmbH Heimhuder Strasse 72 20148 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 636-771 06 E-mail: Web:

Astaxanthin: Anti Aging Skin

A natural orange red dye, which belongs to the carotenoid is the new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment astaxanthin. He is responsible for the strong red coloring of crustaceans. Industrially, this vitamin-like ingredient is produced from algae of Haematococcus pluvialis. In its effect, astaxanthin but surpasses the conventional carotenoid ten-fold. Studies have even shown that this ingredient acts even 500 times stronger than vitamin E. Details can be found by clicking Zendesk or emailing the administrator. This is astaxanthin is one the most effective radical catcher that we ever know. Protection against harmful UV rays as exercise high potential antioxidant astaxanthin from many important functions. It prevents the oxidation of essential amino acids and increases the effectiveness of carotene.

Thus, it supports the natural pigmentation of the skin and protects it from harmful UV radiation. That’s why astaxanthin in expert circles is also called sun protection from the inside”. Thus, it protects effectively from the typical UV induced skin ageing like wrinkles or pigmentation problems. In addition, the science estimates the numerous other protection functions of this super antioxidant. Natural protection for the skin with its extremely high antioxidant power astaxanthin supports the functioning of all body organs, but especially skin, by it strengthens the skin’s natural protection system. Thus the skin by taking astaxanthin is very well prepared against negative environmental influences and can even much more effectively defend themselves against typical signs of aging caused by this.

Astaxanthin so supports the immune power of the skin. Already 4 milligrams of astaxanthin per day, enough to prepare the skin from the inside. Find more information about innovative beauty products in the current guide which?NEW?BEAUTIFIER by Vanessa Halen. The new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment of current Advisor of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen ISBN 978-3-8370-5406-4 96 pages with color pages 12,90 euro free eBooks, free excerpts and learn more

Schwabisch Hall

More than two-thirds of all customers rate the service of the building societies ‘sehr gut’ the Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall has according to the largest German service ranking the most customer-oriented building society in Germany. Seven out of ten customers (69.2 percent) have very good”experiences with the service of Schwabisch Hall made. The building society reached this result Schwabisch Hall as the only German Bausparkasse the gold “-status.” “This defines the 150 best companies of survey, which at least 67.1 per cent of customers the grade very good” gave. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. A total of 500 to 1000 customers were interviewed for the study over a million people about their experiences with more than 1500 different service providers, average per company. Have created the inquiry into the service champions”the partner ServiceValue GmbH, the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and the day newspaper the world. “In September the readers of the financial newspaper have euro am Sonntag” Schwabisch Hall to the best building society “selected. The Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall AG is the largest building society of in Germany. The 7200 staff work closely with the cooperative banks. Schwabisch Hall with subsidiaries of the Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and China is active abroad. Worldwide, the company has more than ten million customers, of which over seven million in Germany.

Chief Executive Officer

DDN demographics Summit hailed as important impulse, the Dortmund, 13.05.2013: the management of demographic change must be addressed continuously and regional. This emphasizes the demography network e.V. (ddn) on the occasion of the second demo demography Summit on May 14 in Berlin. The network welcomes the Summit as a milestone in a long-term demo demography strategy that will lead to a bundling of all activities in a demography Ministry as a result. Are now directly, companies, communities and employees asked to carry the theme into the regions and together to develop solutions that can handle this social change as they “explains Rudolf Kast, Chief Executive Officer of the ddn. This sets ddn in 2013 with six regional forums in Bavaria, Thuringia, Germany, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Baden-Wurttemberg.

“How these work, SME Congress Freiburg company exemplifies future: Center in Europe” on 9 October 2013. Substantive impetus to talks by demographics experts and companies. Between the presentations, the participants have the opportunity to visit a trade fair the information booths of many exhibitors from the middle class and to exchange experiences. We go with these events intentionally in the area. We want to reach the middle class, we create the best regional, on-site”Kast discusses the ddn strategy. More information about the Conference at. Also the middle class excellence turns the demographics award 2013, whose Trager ddn and are the Federal Association of German management consultant BDU. In three categories-49, up to 250 and over 250 employees entrepreneurs from Baden-Wurttemberg for this price may apply.

In the part of a road show through 12 cities advertise the organizer for the price. This is a conscious decision to carry the theme into the area”, as ddn Board Kast. More info on the price under. With their demo demography strategy every age counts”, to their development also ddn was involved, the Federal Government has launched a multilevel and continuous dialogue process to address the demographic challenges. The demo demography peaks are central forum for this dialogue. At the second Summit on 14 may 2013, in which participates also ddn, representatives from nine working groups present initial proposals for approaches and measures that can cope with demographic change. The demographics ddn network e.V. Gain insight and clarity with Robotics. is an Association of over 350 companies and institutions, the common responsibility for over two million workers wear. DDN is funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and is anchored in the demo demography strategy of the Federal Government. Press contact: Pascal Frai, press officer ddn, phone: 0231.9071-2818, email:, for more information see demographics The new quality of work INITIATIVE is a joint initiative of federal, State, associations and institutions of economic, Trade unions, companies, social security institutions and foundations. Their goal: more quality of work as the key to innovation and competitiveness at the location Germany. This offers 2002 examples in the life inspiring initiative called practice, consulting and information services, exchanges, as well as a programme in the year for projects that bring new personnel – and employment policy approaches on the way.

New Energy For A New Era!

The fountain-head of all being spilled a love energy of quality for it, which is now accessible to all. A new power system for self empowerment, growing into the personal responsibility, resolution of blockages, aid for emergencies and for children. \”\” The author, Elke Leonie \”Tube, has this energy system in a spiritual connection with the great mother\”, the healing maternal aspect of God, received and converted into the corresponding words. To identify the potential and mature to let the concept rested a reasonable time, then finally in the form of real, applicable to paper to be associated. Most of the energy pattern that is contained in the concept were by the author personally tested and applied. At the time of writing, a good friend needed great spiritual assistance because it was hard a heart condition. With your agreement, so to speak, the probation and exploring sample took place with resounding success.

The author has also even over long months worked with the concept and failed to achieve this excellent transformation and resolution work on himself. Robert Bakish brings even more insight to the discussion. This was colossal strengthened their confidence in this energy concept and its mode of action and the desire brought to make accessible, so that it now exists in book form this and other people. The energy patterns are in lyric form and also very memorable. Their application requires no great effort of nor any preparations. You can apply for yourself, for others, and even for children. It is a new, free energy, which is preloaded with old and therefore safe in their neutrality. The special property and quality of this new energy concept is that every man for themselves can decide how he would like to hear them.

There are two ways to work with: 1 getting to know the energy quality – by applying the energy patterns as affirmations. 2. special transfer of energy – through a special process, a direct Causes the connection to the source of energy.

Consulting GmbH

In Germany approximately two billion euros available estimated lease payments. Vineyard 21.08.2012. The repeatedly described rent nomads are only the tip of the iceberg. Rather, there are the typical vicissitudes of life, which no longer allow some tenants to comply with its obligations. Involves only a liquidity squeeze, perhaps the time is bridge”.

Often the personal circumstances of the tenant but are against it, that he can still pay accrued rental and associated costs. Often the apartment can be used to extract or even clearance no longer in a State of restored lettable. We thought this made us, regarded the existing market offerings and derived a policy very early sets”, explains Klaus Stehle, at the Valdez group responsible for beSURE landlord protection. Because the German favourite retirement in the monetary field is often leveraged. It comes to write-downs, this will quickly also Influence on the personal liquidity situation of the lessor. beSURE does, if the tenant can no longer afford or wants to. The claims are assigned there.

As soon as the lessor has knowledge of the occurrence of the insurance case, so the absence of rent and reports this, we make”, explains Sanford and supplements: exactly here lies the advantage of beSURE. When the offers so far available on the market, the landlord had to go through much trouble, remind the tenant and cancel and last but not least come with a significant excess in advance. This is no longer necessary with beSURE.” The comfort fare are insured up to six months loss of rent as well as a possibly damage, for example, for renovation, for up to 20,000 euros. A telephone legal advice is also included in the tariff, because often owners do not know how they should behave correctly. In a typical income of 700 euros a month, only 28 euros would be monthly due for this tariff. As insurers and risk carrier This occurs the DFV German family insurance AG. The company can point to a number of awards for its customer-friendly offerings. Volz broker Consulting GmbH is representative of the DFV German family insurance AG. The leader in terms of service for insurance and financial services company takes over the processing and administration of contracts and sales control in the context of data processing. Volz is ISO 9001 certified and serves approximately 2 million contracts. With beSURE we are addressing in particular developers, property managers and investment companies in the real estate sales in addition to the private owners. A large chunk of income security offers beSURE just for investors, so the real estate really brings the assets increase as landlord imagine it”, as Klaus Stehle.