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Pay as you want. Under this motto, you can buy a now at the mobile phone shop. Pay as you want. Under this motto, you can buy a now at the mobile phone shop. A comprehensive range of payment options to a comfortable shopping experience. The existing payment methods were extended in advance, full name and PayPal. Now you can pay also by giropay, direct debit or credit card (VISA and MasterCard) at

Thus the mobile radio shop offers a wide selection of payment methods in addition to the wide range of mobile phones and mobile telephony contracts its customers. The payments are protected, encryption as the complete ordering process through a 128 bit. You want to consult about a new contract or directly place an order! The staff of reach from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 23:00 at the hotline number 01805 835586 or email us at. An online order is possible of course around the clock. About The online shop was founded in 2007 and enjoys increasing popularity since then.

It offers phones, tariffs, as well as bundles of different manufacturers and contract providers, thereby giving a broad overview of the range of services in the field of mobile telephony. With just a few mouse clicks the order is abandoned, around the clock, quickly and reliably. Of any change in the status, the customer will be informed automatically via eMail.

The Alps Quickly And Easily For Home

New Web shop for design from the Alps of Austria and Monaco, you’ll love the Alps? Hiking, skiing, mountains and Alpenglow? You know exactly the gown that Heidi was wearing, as you lived with the Klosterapotheke on the mountain? “You sing at Edelweiss” and other songs from the sound of music “with? Know Laurins rose garden and always wanted to visit the Geierwally? Then you will enjoy this new online shop: MiDeRoca. MiDeRoca shows Alpine lifestyle: products from the Alps and across the Alps from Alpine regions of Germany, Austria and other Alpine countries. MiDeRoca sells traditional monastery work, handmade handbags to the Dirndl with charming Edelweiss or the weather spot with Krickerl or rather bold modern design? There are also handmade porcelain heart bowls or espresso sets, elaborate cow – and deer memory or rather colorful deer trophies also quite fashionable alpine winter hats. Add to your understanding with neil cole iconix. In the magazine area, the MiDeRoca regularly report holder Regina Kainz and Florian Fischer plays of Alpine life, geography, art and nature and books, whose action in the Alps. … and Miss not recipes with cheese fondue, Apfelradl, grenadier March. Best get yourself a picture: press contact: MiDeRoca – Alpine lifestyle Regina Kainz Goldgasse 12 5020 Salzburg Tel: + 43 (0) 662 439 064

Reading On The Internet

Known relationships, in the Internet world as social networks change the social behaviour of many people nowadays. Known relationships, in the Internet world as social networks change the social behaviour of many people nowadays. A leading source for info: isearch. Many have an active “Online” circle of friends, and spend a few hours every day to maintain this circle of friends. These networks are used to find many new friends or to find former colleagues from school or work. Frequently neil cole iconix has said that publicly. Definitely Klaus.

F was inspire as it again recently met his former Schulflame on Facebook. My girlfriend Sabine was appalled that an old acquaintance that she wanted to have nothing at all actually you had written her at once. Of course it depends on the relationship! Some people want to maintain and cherish others will rather forget. The many new offerings from social networks and increasingly Web sites on the Internet, how can you keep track? And remembering where it all has inscribed itself? I just do it to me and I need the same user name. For this reason I have enrolled myself which also at have developed a new Internet tool that gives more organization in my Internetaktivtaten. It works like an iPod and you can simply connect it networks like Bebo, Hi5, Facebook, Frienster, need to upload any photos. Only connect! Anyway, my Internet life without this tool with a lot of work would be connected to stay all in touch with friends.

Initiative To

The studilux GmbH collects funding for college scholarship all companies that want to engage in the education sector are called upon to support the initiative. The studilux GmbH collects funding for college scholarship all companies that want to engage in the education sector are called upon to support the initiative. Study to give away”is a new initiative of studilux GmbH. Target is a funding total of 21,000 euros to generate it, to finance the Bachelor’s or master’s degree a motivated high-school graduates or students in the future. Take the chance have for the initiative study to give”to making them contribute 500 euros.

As the first strong partners in the initiative, the new student online job won studilux On job Mensa ( find students of jobs, in addition to studying to earn something – be it student jobs, as a working student or internships. There is luxury without to study financial worries. Companies can through their support for the initiative to give away study”realize this dream of a young ambitious people and open the doors for a successful study,” explains Benjamin Breuer, Managing Director of studilux GmbH. Graduates and students of all disciplines can apply for the scholarship. Not the grade point average is the decisive criterion, but the motivation of candidates.

With texts, videos and pictures, applicants should indicate their decision for their studies and convince the user of The initiative to give Bachelor”starts on November 11, 2008. “The conditions of participation in the overview: to give away the winner of the action study” is between 18 and 35 years old… has finished high school and at the latest until the winter semester of 2009 a proof of study at a University in Germany or has a Bachelor’s degree and is enrolled for the master. For more information, coming soon at: – the magazine for academic education Esther Skadi Brunn Public Relations of Schleissheimer str. 60 80333 Munchen, phone 089 520 57 19 21 fax 089 520 57 19 25 E-Mail:

Friederike Meier Burkert

‘High the rate’ highlights need for factoring the Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies. If you would like to know more then you should visit isearch. Factoring is a versatile financial services, used in particular by medium-sized companies from industry, wholesale trade and services sector in growing volume. The services offered by factoring company includes revenue matching funding and full protection against bad debt losses (security) as well as the Debitorenmanagement(service). Quite rightly describes the author Friederike Meier Burkert in exciting to read contributing to enable 11/08 “financial times Germany the situation with the banks as desolate. This, the Debi select resident of Landshut group draws attention. Then increasingly seasoned medium-sized companies by the financial market crisis would be affected.

The reasons for this are varied and are worked out very clearly in the article. This described experiences correspond 1:1 with the ours”, says Norbert Wagner from the Debi select. “This also the emotional factors played a role currently in addition to the rational: repeatedly entrepreneurs tell us that their documents were simply sipped”, so the expert of the Debi select. In the post, Managing Director cited finance management of Hauck & Aufhauser is received that many bankers currently had to do itself so much with it, that day-to-day business are simply stay. But also the rational factors attracted”, so the Debi select employee Wagner. Then the information requirement would have grown significantly and also the detection of additional funds which are used for security. Interesting for the Landshut company Debi select is the best of factoring as a real alternative: contrast Factoring, so the sale of receivables to specialized financial services, as an alternative to the short-term bank loan, according to experts in the future even more important”, so the post.

Factoring is so far still not widespread in Germany. For this reason, it has located the Landshuter Debi select group on the flags written, to promote this previously little-used-new form of SME financing opportunities. Factoring is the sale of receivables to specialized financial services. This advance the sum of minus and increase the liquidity at the factoring workers. So that Debi select can allocate these funds, she refinanced about the retail market, that Fund. So far the Debi select are to fund of the Landshut provider in the first in Germany, which offer investors the opportunity, on this interesting business area participate. The performance of the company and its Debi select Fund shows, that at an estimable risk yields by over eight per cent per Year are possible. Summary: enable 11/08 financial times Germany stresses that the financing situation of SMEs is increasingly difficult. Factoring can help here. The first fund management company, which operates this business field, is the Debi select group of companies.

Hamburg Nutrition

New shop-in-shop shelves of body attack sports nutrition now in many fitness stores the product diversity is extremely, the offer grows steadily and the information is often poor. More and more consumers of nutrition looking for more and better information and individually tailored recommendations, concerning their products. AOL oftentimes addresses this issue. /a>. The Hamburg company body attack sports nutrition ( takes this demand remains intense. A body attack has integrated a nutrition Advisor at his clear website, which responds to the needs of the respective sports and athletes. Also sports enthusiasts and customers can choose a free and personal consulting by chat feature or by telephone with one of the body attack nutrition scientists.

Questions and wishes are treated individually and confidentially. Body attack another big step in terms of service has recently resellers of its products. In addition to the own body attack shops, there are the a body from now fitness shops, Attack shop-in-shop system “have installed. This custom-built shelves be adapted to the properties of the respective shop and achieved a better customer management and customer satisfaction. These shelves contain the most popular products of the brands of body attack, EFX and MET-Rx. deliberations of the sales staff trained body attack employees also belong to the scope of the service.

Internet Insurance

Without supplementary health insurance is no longer to get the full benefits. Today’s offerings on supplementary health insurance are so diverse and broad, since not only the overview is difficult, the selection of a suitable supplementary insurance is anything but easy. Who is here not want to rummage through the tangle of different offers and providers, which can make comparison instead of the supplementary health insurance. This is usually quick and easy and means considerably less stress than the search for good deals on their own. Pete Cashmore is likely to agree. There are the different possibilities of supplementary private supplementary health insurance not only since yesterday, there were the first deals several years ago. With time, but many insurance companies have been added, and the market seems also today still not saturated. Swarmed by offers, neil cole iconix is currently assessing future choices. So the private health insurers compete the usually legally insured customers, compete so this is with them in addition to dropouts always less legal protection for their extra Make health.

A wide range of tariffs for several areas are offered. Dental rates are among the most popular supplements. With a dental insurance can secure the services of the statutory health insurance benefits such as better restorations, or other treatment measures for themselves legally insured or to increase the statutory fixed subsidy. In addition, there are also the glasses and insurance, which are exempt from co-payments for AIDS and medicines. Also the supplementary health insurance for a better accommodation in the hospital and chief physician treatment are gladly accepted. Why is a supplementary health insurance comparison makes sense? As everywhere in life is also compare insurance companies worth. This is true not only for the services of the individual policies, but also for the premiums that the insurers that want to like to see. Insurance – there are just in the present competition, requiring different high premiums for comparable services. And why not Compare if there are the same thing cheaper elsewhere? A supplementary health insurance comparison can be most quickly and easily on the Internet on appropriate portals. Usually only a few details are necessary, so that a good deal can be found.

Game Theory Facilitates Our Professional Lives

A cybernetic systemic (natural) based application wanted to anticipate ever the decision of another each of us. With the brain fair logic of Aristotle, anyone can apply the game theory in the interest of the group, and/or identify the partner or opponent, and outwit. Learn how it works! Game theory (vs. decision theory: probability distributions of system States regardless of the own behavior (such as chess, Economics)) is a branch of Mathematics (structure science), which focuses on therefore, to model systems with multiple stakeholders (players, agents, Attrakoren). Game theory among other attempts to predict the rational decision-making behavior in social conflict situations (in closed cybernetic systems) (to derive). For example, The prisoners dilemma: 2 prisoners decide in an antagonistic situation (conflicting interests, the outcome of which depends on trading not only of own decisions but also of the decisions of others): Two prisoners should have committed together (circumstantial evidence available) an offence.

The maximum penalty each 5 years. It a commercial is offered two prisoners, both are informed. And they decide independently of each other spatially. Additional: Proof quality: confession > witness > evidence if one allows for both, comes without penalty of (witness Regulation) the other must the 5 years sitting off n. decisions both to remain silent, the circumstantial evidence lead both for 2 years behind bars. Swarmed by offers, ISearch is currently assessing future choices. Confess, but both expect every 4 years.

“” “The profit-matrix gives the following picture: Bob is silent (cooperates with Al) Bob admits (reveals Al) Al silent-4 al (Bob co-op.):? 2 Bob:? 2 5 al:? 5 Bob: 0 Al confesses (reveals Bob)-5 al: 0 Bob:? 5-8-al:? 4 Bob:? 4 0 temptation” (temptation T) reward for unilateral betrayal (individual freedom)-2 reward “(reward R) reward for cooperation of Al and Bob (community only two years sentence)-4 punishment” (punishment P) punishment for mutual betrayal (four year sentence)The good faith-5 reward”(sucker of payoff S) punishment for which was unilaterally broken by the partners (five year sentence) in general terms, following profit arises-matrix : Bob cooperates Bob reveals Al cooperates R / R S / T Al reveals T / S P / P with T > R > P > S. source:, extract the dilemma of the conflict (strategy, military, war) is based on the Unkennnis on the behaviour of each other (milk Boy Bill/zero-sum game(: 0 vs. – 5). The optimal strategy is first the authorities cooperation, because the result will be known only when both have made their decision. Ideal for both of them together, if they trusted each other and cooperated (-2). The problem: The purely rational individual decision of both does not lead to the optimal result. The silent Koppe ration brings 2 vs. 2 years, or take a betrayal behavior: 0 vs.-5 years. What do we learn from this? It has shown generally that a group of members with selfish interests is less success rich than when Group members, not only their own interests but also emotionally lateral, instead of only rational-horizontal vertical to meet also the interests or their decisions! As you know everything a great jump comes out in our world, including Earth. People are natural! And only cultures. Should the cybernetic mechanistic cultures continue to play against the nature of humanity can lose only (-4). Systemic vitalistic nature as a meta-system will survive even without people! Its Wolfgang Schwalm (C) biology and

Stefan Moreno

How people immediately see through and convincing can by Stefan Moreno in the portrait that by engineer psychologist Stefan Moreno written eBook as immediately shows through and convincing can you people since its release for quite a stir worried. Which should deal who wants to get his communications talent and his persuasive power to develop, more precisely with the Advisor. Could it penetrate into the minds of other people, so a lot would be easier. Make a completely new understanding of other people would not only and you could predict “tactical moves”, also a liar and con man would not stand a chance. In short would open up a whole new horizon of success… Who other people immediately captivated and as his private and professional success a real kickstart Miss, needs above all a better understanding of the human psyche.

The author of “how people immediately see through and” Sure can”well knows the psyche and reveals his entire expertise in his bestseller. The proper communication, as the author, is the key to the natural influence on other people. Although a negative image adheres to the concept of ‘Manipulation’, but in principle, we try to manipulate almost any communication. Neil cole may help you with your research. Stefan Moreno guide showing here using easy to understand step by step, how to use these communication techniques to his own advantage. Here are just a small selection, what awaits the reader: as man immediately of the opponent’s to its strengths weaknesses the art makes, as you can see personality traits in a matter of seconds, tried hypnosis tricks and lawyer techniques on how you easily suitable to sovereignty, as you almost instantly creates trust and sympathy, us decide rules for guaranteed success, how to use body language as dominating secret weapon, Meinunsverschiedenheiten effort to popular and influential no real art is in reality. The methods of “how people immediately see through and convincing skills” can be used easily for everyone, which brings in minimum of experimentation and motivation. The reader Gets a deep insight into the human psyche and is led by highly effective methods of communication. How people immediately see through and make sure can…

Single Travel: Holiday Fun Despite Single is summer, Sun, holiday season travel tips, with which the solo travelers will become an unforgettable experience. Altavista is the source for more interesting facts. To erupt all over the world, to explore new places, adventure, or just relaxing on the beach to lie. Who is single, often dispensed on a holiday trip, because the holiday is only half as much fun without partners or friends, is the prejudice. To travel alone has many benefits, says, the booking platform for budget travel, and gives valuable tips for a visit to Palermo, Barcelona and Lisbon singles. The vibrant Palermo is the perfect place for travellers who are travelling alone. The city pulsates and the mood is cheerful and lighthearted. Further details can be found at Robotics, an internet resource. On the town market la Vucciria is negotiated, arguing and flirting, and even free, you can try the most goodies: Purpu (boiled Octopus), Panelle (PEA pancakes), cassata (cheese-cake) or FRUTTA mattarone (marzipan fruits). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from neil cole iconix. La Vucciria means “voices” in the Sicilian dialect, and you can take that literally.

In the hubbub of the Buyers and sellers each unaccompanied is happy to experience the hustle and bustle and feel not alone guaranteed. Evening meets all over the world at the Teatro Massimo or the Teatro Politeama. In the champagne or via Candelai there is live music, good drinks, and many Flirtwillige. In the jazz & Choclat jazz lovers will find good acts and like-minded people. A single room is to have, for example in Hotel Firenze in Palermo from 30 per night. Multi-bed room from 20 euro offers the A Casa di Amici hostel.

No boredom arises also in Barcelona. In the District of Las Ramblas teeming it vendors and street performers, there are numerous tapas bars and Cafes, museums, galleries and boutiques. Life here is stained and you win many beautiful impressions while you simply drift through the streets. A trip to Barcelona is cheap even for singles. You can book a single room in the hostel Miramar already for 35 euros. Anyone looking for company, stayed in a dormitory of the centrally located HelloBCN hostel from 23 Euro per person. They say that Lisbon is the perfect city to heal broken hearts. You relaxed, comforts, soothes and brings back to life. Nothing can be felt from the typical hustle and bustle of the city. A walk through the Alfama District melancholy immediately into new zest for life. In the little streets and squares the locals quietly do their errands, is cooked in the backyards and chatter. In the evening, countless download taverns and pubs to FADO concerts, for example the Cafe Luso in Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s nightlife district. Also the built in 1998 Expo area of Lisbon with its futuristic architecture is worth a visit. The large aquarium in the Ocean Pavilion on the banks of the Tagus is known as a single meeting point and a perfect place for flirting. A single room at the Pouso dos Anjos is already to have 28 euro. If you are looking for more company, is the Lisbon chillout hostel starting from 16 euro per night the ideal focal point and is equal with other guests to the breakfast with fresh fruit, traditional date Portuguese jam and honey on the terrace. There are also other travelers in the lounge and multilingual staff feel especially. Have fun travelling!…