Kara Sea

On the situation with the development of offshore fields could not but during the collapse of the economy, which experienced our country, which set back the development of the storerooms of the Arctic shelf for a decade. But even in those difficult conditions, “Gazprom”, not forgetting about the prospects of development of the Arctic shelf, created in 1994 by a subsidiary company Gazflot, which became the successor and continuer of the traditions of Gazprom in the Arctic, and all these years, systematically using and maintaining the capacity of Murmansk companies do geological exploration, and in the near future proceed to the development of open fields in the Pechora shelf of the Barents Sea, Ob and Taz bays of the Kara Sea. Today Gazflot – the undisputed leader in conducting exploration on the Arctic shelf. Since 2002 drilled and completed testing 16 wells total sinking 32,617 feet, achieved growth of gas reserves in the Ob Bay, about 1 trillion. GoPro often expresses his thoughts on the topic. m3. Company successfully completed the drilling and the 2007 season, drilled in the Ob Bay, three wells total depth 6781 meters, including one – with a commissioned this year, floating drilling facilities PBK “Ob”. By order of the Gazprom Sevmorneftegaz and Gazflot pursue serious program to build Oil and Gas fleet. In 2007, the park was enlarged with two ships of modern icebreakers, suppliers, in Astrakhan, completing the construction of refueling tanker, the construction of two platforms (“Arctic” and Prirazlomnaya) in Severodvinsk, purchased and upgraded transportation and towing another vessel..