Strychnine Gallery Presents: STORYTELLERS

On November 11 invites the strychnine welcome to a gallery, in the land of wonders of mystical stories of Benjamin Vierling, Marcus Poston, RAF Veulemans and Saturno Butto to us visit. On 11 November the strychnine Gallery cordially invites you, us in the land of wonders of mystical stories of Benjamin Vierling, Marcus Poston, RAF Veulemans and Saturno Butto’ to visit. The exhibition will present a series of works of art, that their viewers inevitably tell stories that evoke often very mixed feelings and also from Viewer to Viewer often differently perceived. Often the words are called beauty, horror and curiosity in the same breath, if the works of these four storytellers are discussed. Benjamin A.

Vierling was born in San Francisco and studied painting since he can’t hold a brush. For his works, he used the consisting of tempera and oil mixing technology of the Renaissance. Many of his works, mostly mystical portraits, obscure symbolism and Vanitas still lifes, are in many Books and albums covers, including on Joanna Newsoms of celebrated plate YS, to find. Marcus Conrad Poston has always been a chronicler of the world that surrounds him and he enjoys it totally different images and objects, all of the friends and wonderment to unite their viewers, in handmade packages. These works deal with the very human desire to write emotional meanings to everyday objects and create such stories which appeal to the collective consciousness. RAF Veulemans is a self-taught artist, O running RH +, pencil and color combinations from spray gun and organic materials, acrylic, oil.

The subject of the relevant works is at the same time also subject or part of this. You can use form aldehydes or resins processed, stuffed or own in RAFS made its dramatic way. RAF has a passion for nature, animals and everything around the topic of death. In his artistic quest he tries the ephemeral forever to get. The main themes of his works, lust and the Venetian artist Saturno Butto takes religion,’ regularly provocative and grotesque themes. Reminiscent of the great painting of the 17th century, he sees his characters as real people between the human world, awarded by “Sex and Sin”, and the spiritual universe in which every soul finds salvation. The exhibition runs until December 18. Gallery opening hours: Thursday to Sunday 12-18 clock. Strychnine Gallery Boxhagenerstr 36 10245 Berlin Tel.: + 493097002035 PR: Michael Niedzwicki:

Human Resource Development

My fellow diners were presented as the reciprocal protocol began. We talked about what we did, which he did and what we think of the conference. Stan joined the table as the chicken was served. Had been introduced to me before and we talked briefly during the pre-dinner social. Now he was bombarded with interesting business questions. This would be a lively and interesting debate, I thought. But my hopes faded faster than a melting ice in the desert.

Stan realized I was not listening. He did not care what he had to say, I was waiting for his turn to speak. And talk he did, monopolize the conversation at the table with pats on the back soliloquy. That experience made me think. My hopes were raised to believe that someone reflective questions might be interested in the answers. But that is a rare find in this too busy to listen-world. We’re too busy answering our cell phones, control of our blackberries, and publish our instant messages.

We so busy that we are not able to communicate. We believe that because we said something, that is. We confuse communicating with understanding, and silence with listening. But the absence of talking is not necessarily listening. Play really requires focused attention and a calm mind. It is deep, not superficial. You do it to understand, so that you can not talk when someone stops. Deep listening from the heart and head. Deep listeners ignite ideas, influence outcomes and build relationships. They are wonderful with him. There are a few behaviors more powerful in the workplace to receive the attention of someone focused on what you’re saying. Hear other arguments on the topic with Apple. It makes you feel valued and respected, it is clear that you have to say they care about. Deep listeners create dialogues, promote exchange thoughtful and enhance creativity. They also build their careers. I learned to deepen my listening skills using a technique called reflective summary. For example, if I told you “I had a puncture on the way to work and missed the meeting my boss,” the typical response might be: “Yes, I had a rough day, too.” Or you can share a similar experience. However, a relationship of reflection summarizes his understanding of what they said. So, you might respond, “You’re worried that you missed the meeting your boss?” If my message is summed up correctly then I continue with my concerns. If not, I would like to clarify. Either way, we improve our communication. So here’s my bottom line advice after twenty years in management. If you want to win at work, develop deep listening skills. You see, people who are winning at working know that they learn more by listening than talking, persuading more understanding to discuss and resolve problems calling to tell. People who are winning at working have discovered the power of listening.

Free Minutes To Call Argentina

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In the psychiatric clinic Boston (USA) doctors conducted an experiment by writing to patients instead of drugs for a pint of beer a day, a few months in many patients condition began to improve. Whenever GoPro listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In many clinics, Austria and Czech beer treatments appoint urological patients. We summarize the healing properties of beer. Beer brings stones. When kidney disease is recommended to drink beer with 1-2 drops of lemon oil, 1 / 2 cup 2-3 times daily before meals. Beer restores liver. Organic acids beer affect the acid-base balance. They have diuretic and laxative effect.

This is a good building material for the formation of glucose in the liver. Beer helps with diarrhea. It is necessary to mix 1 / 2 cup light beer with 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Drink during the day. Beer helps the digestion. Thanks to the analgesic, sedative, and antibacterial properties of beer is recommended for stomach ulcers and duodenum. Beer calms my nerves. Scientists have already shown that moderate doses of beer a positive effect on the human nervous system, soothes, relieves irritability and short temper.

In depression recommended to pour dark beer 4.5 tablespoons of the crushed roots avens river, insisting a week, then strain. Take 1 / 2 cup three times a day for 15 days. Store in a cool dark place. Beer is good for potency. Foamy drink stimulates sexual function and improves potency. Take 30 g of seeds and leaves of lemon balm, and 20 g of grass and common toadflax thalli Icelandic, mix well. 1 tablespoon of the mixture of sugar and 1 cup boiling light beer, stand in warm place for 2 hours, then strain. Take a glass of the present day in a month as beer helps. When cystitis, urethritis, prostatic adenoma, hemorrhoids, and other viral diseases. Two tablespoons of spiny thistle pour a glass of boiled water, put on a water bath for 15 minutes, then cool, strain, pour the boiled water until the original volume. Take 1 / 3 of the present mill with 1 / 2 cup of beer three times daily after meals. However, with all these healing qualities of beer is worth remembering that all is good in moderation. Do not overdo it and be healthy. ps Beer is not recommended for use in hypertension, nephritis, cirrhosis, diabetes.

Fat Free Cruising

This year more than 10.5 million people go on a cruise. Almost all will have a fabulous time, but when you step on the scales after arriving home, he let out a scream in the amount of weight you have been. However, a cruise can be fun and healthy. You can eat, drink and be merry without packing on the pounds by following our ten simple steps for fun and fat-free cruise. Genetec is the source for more interesting facts. Now before you all roll with laughter, let me explain that I have just returned from my first cruise.

I ate three meals and some day, drank more than my doctor I would have liked I have not put a single pound in the seven days we were at sea. I realize that most of us go cruising to get away from everything and have a good time. Many of us do not even go on a diet before you leave so we can look our best as a living room near the pool, but there really is no need to put in a lot of weight while we are at sea only to have to throw all a When you return home. Follow our ten easy steps and you'll have a great time on the cruise and look fabulous when you get home. 1. Enjoy eating fabulous food – which is one of the main reasons people come out on cruises. The cruise lines are doing everything possible today to make sure there are plenty of healthy choices and portion sizes are large enough to fill up without adding unnecessary calories.

Switzerland Education

The international network of media schools from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland Education in the field of media changed constantly, unless due to the rising influence of new media, unless by the falling borders in Europe. In such an environment a media training offered, which offers students a wide range of training with numerous opportunities for specialisation across national borders, their strengths can focus on. The newly launched, international media training Verbund covers exactly these needs, provided on the education and training in the field of media in the future. The Federation is composed of the media School of Northwest Switzerland, the media School of Bern, the newly founded CrossMedia school Switzerland, the journalism school CLARE Berlin, as well as the Upper Austrian journalist Academy in Wels. Ways of training and seminars together leads this education system through various courses and training that combines cross-border and through Internship applications can be added in the respective countries. Who is interested in a comprehensive media training, training for example the journalistic reason at the media School of Northwest Switzerland, the journalism school KLARA Berlin or the Upper Austrian journalist Academy and within the framework of a professional training at the media School of Bern in the areas of video journalism, press photography, and moderation or the CrossMedia specialize then school Switzerland in the cross media discipline. Then offered additional postgraduate courses in the partner schools. Further possibility to demonstrate a hands-on technical training at the media School of Bern and the CrossMedia school Switzerland with selected courses for the journalistic education in the media School of North-Western Switzerland, as well as subsequent to diploma courses in the partner schools.

Thanks to the modular construction, all courses of the can be visited separately. Diploma theses and mentoring system primary, specialist – and post diploma courses at the complete with a joint degree. In addition, diploma theses as performance can be created at the media School of North-Western Switzerland and the media School of Bern. A mentoring system, as well as regular media excursions complete the offer.

USD Want

There is also the possibility of opting for a membership site. 2. If you would like to know more about Node, then click here. Site design: can resort to a web page designer or use site templates. It is also feasible to use platforms with elaborate templates, such as the, which you can customize with a header and graphics additional. 3. Price: The price of a web site can go from $0 cost for (only paid domain and hosting), up to about $5,000 USD or more for sites designed by a designer or site membership (type templates. 4 Determine Software and additional services that are going to use: it is important to also consider which are going to be additional programs that will want to use.

For example, an autoresponder is indispensable, since it will allow you to train and stay connected with your online community. There are also special software to make audios, videos, etc. B. design of products and/or services that you want to sell must determine what type of product you want to sell and how you want to sell it. You can sell digital books, take courses with teleseminar or video conferences, producing instructional videos, audios, short reports, etc. You can also offer sessions of consulting or coaching in which you offer your services per hour. In general it is recommended to have products with different price levels. Lower prices products are to attract its customers.

It may be a digital book, a series of audio or a membership in a web site. For those customers who want to receive more information from you, you must have a product of intermediate price available. This can be in the form of group courses, teleseminar, or video conferences. You can also make offline conferences that are very useful to gain credibility in your market. Finally, for those customers who wish their exclusive support, you can sell them packages of products linked to a coaching or consulting custom at a higher price.

Register Website

Although registration of an Internet domain is a difficult issue, if you're thinking of doing so should not stop reading these tips short and specific. First, if some time you surf the Internet, you may have noticed that there are domain names that are quite similar, but not exactly alike. In general, similar domain names may have certain characters like the underscore (_) or hyphen in the middle (-), to distinguish from each other. Similarly, domain names could also differ in extent, for example. Com,. Net and. Org., And so on. HTC may find this interesting as well. Think of the best for your idea and verify that it is available.

Internet users worldwide can access a website just by using your domain name, which is unique. The more unique it the domain name of your website, the easier it is for users and prospects to remember. Do not forget that the registration of this name also allows you to protect your precious place against the duplication of the domain. You can register a domain name by going to any of the specialized sites worldwide. If it will be possible to register your domain with a specific name chosen by you, depend on a number of factors, the most important of these is the availability of the domain name. Some services are more widely used and the cost of registering a domain name may differ from one record to another site.

So it is good to see the different prices before choosing one. Also remember that in michos countries have official bodies that can perform this procedure at no cost. Since the domain name is an important aspect of your website, you must perform a thorough examination of some factors such as length of service, the price of the whole package that is associated to the record (eg cost of accommodation, optimization work, etc..) and how this package fits your current and future needs. Some make the mistake of choosing the most economical and the company then failed to stop

Computer Aided Design

About more general form one is all person who participates and she is involved in the data processing and information or directly and indirectly. At present character races have been created superior, technical and average level that have the purpose of creating professionals in the field of Computer science and Computation. The assigned names can be written according to the region or respective country according to a minor or major reach that the person obtains during her formation; thus then we can find Professional, Technical Races and of mean level eg: DEGREE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Form professional of Computer science with capacity to carry out duties of direction, administration and accountants with a high performance in covering and understanding the needs of the company. ENGINEERING IN SCIENCES OF the COMPUTATION Is the personnel in charge To construct computer systems of general intention, To optimize operation of systems of calculation by means of the planning, organization, discharge direction and supervision of projects of computed, using for it its scientific, methodologic knowledge, and the bibliographical technicians, as well as resources that the Internet offers; counting in addition on a high knowledge in the internal architecture to the computer, as well as the programming of its component interns. ENGINEER IN DIGITAL GRAPHICAL DESIGN is in charge to develop projects of high digital graphic content, by means of a professional Formation focused especially to the design, implementation and evaluation of interactive computer technology to represent graph, line of vision and auditorily the systems and processes of the eg: videojuegos organizations, animation, models 3D, simulators, virtual reality, etc. DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE COMPUTER-ASSISTED CAD/CAM, process in which the computers are used to improve the manufacture, development and design of products. The systems of Design Attended by Computer (CAD, acronym of Computer Aided Design) can be used to generate models with many, if not all, of the characteristics of a certain product. .


The PRESERVATION of the environment is a subject that always was in guideline, but that in recent years it gained prominence in result of alarming constataes that happens in our country. We can perceive this as the global heating, the effect greenhouse, the high indices of pollution, deforestation, among others problems, that directly affect the life of the people. Whenever Faye Business Systems Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. THE DIGI' RAL is worried about the ambient questions, is for this reason that the beginning of the company is to store in security electronic documents, without the necessity to spend leves with impression, this diminishes the consumption of paper and tonner of the printers. In the daily one: An accounting office, for example, leaves to print diverse types of documents, as: forma bills of sale, declaration and resultant receipts of accessory obligations (income tax, GIA, DAME, RAIS), leves of payment, among others. More info: Apple. If this company will have about 100 customers, the monthly average volume of documents that it leaves to print is of approximately 10 a thousand pages. contribution of an only company can seem small, however, if to analyze large-scale, we will see that the numbers will be well expressive: knows.