The Creature

In this city legend of a nocturnal creature was counted to it who made the rounds for the nights, leaving all rightened, however it was only one legend and it did not have tests on the existence of such creature. It was the year of 1987 and in that rainy night and of full moon, of the mansion of Carolina a tenebrous racket heard and all had left acobardados. It seemed the signal of that something was for happening in that one until then pacata cidadezinha. The mansion where Carolina lived was very old, with great walls surrounding.

In the central room it had a picture with the drawing of the mansion and the existing cemetary in the deep ones, where some of familiar of the current proprietor Gregorio Menezes were embedded. The dark and humid walls, the shrubs acinzentados in the garden and the overlapping roof of dense layers of dust and falling leaves became the left-hand side large house still more. There the patriarch of the family inhabited Gregorio Menezes, Joyce Lopez Menezes – comedida and aptica woman with who married age, whose limp deep skin already surrenders to rugas brought by the time after to live decades the wire subordinated to the mandos and wills of the husband – and its four children: Gensio, Gabriel, Eva and Carolina. Gensio was oldest, after disappeared a quarrel of family motivated for its to become a great trader, opposed desires and vehemently fought for its father. None of familiar the wise person its paradeiro. They so only knew that it had followed route to the Cear to work with fishes in the city of $fortaleza and the last notice gave account of that would be liveing in the city of Maracana.

Web Game

13 years after its first announcement, Duke Nukem Forever finally secures a date of launching – 2011. Yes, finally what it is probably the waited for game more arrives for PC and the Xbox platforms 360 and PS3. The return of Duke has been little than less surprising for all the involucradosy loving of the videojuegos. The Web of the game has received 200,000 visits during the Ustream presentation and hundreds and hundreds of people who come to see demo of Randy Pitchford in certain types of network topologies, a form to prove Duke Nukem Forever for the first time. Ponte your sun glasses and preparate for meterte in the skin of Duke Nukem, whose legend has reached epic proportions in the years passed from its last adventure. The exotic hordes are of return and only Duke can save to the world, again. A leading source for info: HTC.

To happen over corrupt police and to finish enormous foreign heads will be the mission of our hero to fulfill its unique objective: to save the world. The king of all the gunners is of return with the arms of the moment in level of interactivity without precedents. This game puts the thorough accelerator to you and it leaves the abierta mouth you, among others sensations. It shoots hoops, to raise weights, to read magazines for adults, to draw crude slate Messages or to eat with the eyes to the beautiful women, that is to say if he is able to move away the sufficient thing of the kick. Duke Nukem was and by will be always immortalized in the history of the games, and this is its legend, " The Experience". Preocupanjte (or more exactly, the fear) is more that the game does not fulfill expectativascreadasa traverse of the years. The things have changed much since Duke Nukem Forever was announced for the first time in 1998 and I ask myself if the inevitable commitments that were to be realised to come up that the game was sent before time did not affect the quality of the same. Original author and source of the article

Panama Canal

The day we crossed the Panama Canal, on the festival dedicated to Neptune or Poseidon in Greek mythology, the king of the Oceans. the four dressed up and danced all night without stopping to enjoy the show offered. Then he threw clothes to the office after being baptized by King Neptune to complete the ritual. Finally received a diploma that proves that he has crossed the canal and have received the baptism of King of the Oceans. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with App Store. Every time we came into port, rented a taxi and went to visit the place. The four had found many personal coincidences. Beginning with that being aged over 50 years were on honeymoon.

He had been given seats on the plane in the same row. That their cabins were contiguous. That the four had a diploma because they have crossed the channel on the same day, etc. All these coincidences seemed funny and strange to them and they kept making references to them. Daniel as always was convinced from the beginning that references were not the hands of fate, but for some reason still unknown had gathered. The other three laughed out loud every time Daniel said this. -Laugh. Daniel had said on more than one occasion with a touch of anger when no one believed in his words, time will tell if I have no reason.

Teresa did not believe in my words the day we met and then had to accept them. The same will happen to you. "What we can not deny," he had replied Teresa, "is that all these coincidences have led to a beautiful friendship that I hope with all my heart, do not end when we return to Argentina. The four promised to continue seeing their returns often, even when they lived far apart from each other (here there had been no coincidence.) But these promises are usually made on the excursions and then rarely put into practice. Only this time the similarities of tastes and opinions of the four was truly overwhelming. When they were back in Santiago, Teresa and Daniel would remain as it was decided a week in Chile. When Mary and Jorge heard of this, they also decided to change the date of their return tickets to Buenos Aires and continue to enjoy their honeymoon with the partner with whom they felt truly united. Just arrived in Santiago rented a car for the week. This could allow travel in comfort and at the times they love without relying on strict management with excursions.

The Best

My Renault eleven four-door, beige angora, which lasts and lasts, with its cushions of cats and other round. My stroller with four doors in life, since age 18 and lasts and it will last, because in 2006 I have no money for another, nor I want as my Renault is my companion, for my first. Do not change it for anything, for me it is a dream of smuggling, remoteness, one of the best things that they have happened to me, although if I could I would buy another without selling it, a megane, dacia or skoda dacia is very nice and in my pocket, my Renault 11 is quality, but sick of solitude and the hospital sometimes I have him carryyour repair shop, treating you well to make more love last mine heart that leads me to everywhere, I stroll along roads, takes care of me at night, that I aspire and lavo, I repair shocks if any is my RENAULT 11. In 2006 turns 18, desire that many happy, at least until 2001. Health and luck and always look you love. I will not have children so that dream at my age is better not wish them.

Only problems I added. I will not have children ever, not to see their faces I want to, I don’t want them in my years, I am older and fat, there is no boyfriend, won’t have them, no longer the dream. Nor do I have with who unless you accept that Madrid of Madrid that asks me. I still don’t know that I will do, I don’t know that I want you a little or much, perhaps accept Yes, I agree, but childless, that is no longer for me, I don’t expect them in my being, I just want to be happy in my peace and live fully what I have.

Solar Energy

Myth 1: Solar energy is too expensive. Today's bulky solar panels are really expensive and can detect only 10% of solar energy. However, the American company First Solar plans to create 2012 new panel generation is far more subtle and more effective today. Therefore, in the hot regions of the solar energy will soon be able to compete with conventional fuels. The African countries can even export it to Europe. Myth 2: Energy Wind is unreliable.

The use of wind energy is considered to be exotic. Meanwhile, wind power generators for 40% of energy consumption and 15% of Spain – Great Britain. Some experts believe that perhaps soon up to 30% of the electricity in the world will be produced by wind energy. Myth 3: Energy surges ineffective. The powerful energy of the surf is difficult to subdue the man, especially because few structures withstand prolonged exposure to water. However, last year in Northern Ireland was launched the first surf turbine, which supplies electricity to the grid of Great Britain. A similar success stories recorded in Portugal, where the wave generators have been installed.

Myth 4: Nuclear energy is cheap. Many people believe that nuclear energy is the most effective solution. However, the construction of nuclear power plants is very costly. This is not to forget about the problem of processing and storage of nuclear waste. Myth 5: The electric cars are slow and unsightly. For those who think electric cars slow and absurd, remember that in the U.S. was sold for $ 100,000 electric sports Tesla, fast and elegant. Perhaps the end of 2008 was not the best time to showcase luxury cars, but Tesla proved that the electric car can be as good as conventional vehicles. Myth 6: biofuels bad for the environment. It is believed that biofuels will have to let the fertile soil for cultivation of special raw materials. However, experts believe that soon the technology will be created Conventional processing agricultural waste to generate energy. Myth 7: The Future of "organic" farming. Studies show that the production of 'organic' products can give not more than half the necessary food, so can not speak about a complete transition to organic agriculture. Myth 8: The construction of the "carbon-free" of concrete – the salvation of the greenhouse effect. Must Considering that the construction of homes "carbon-free" concrete costing twice as expensive than building ordinary houses, and the transition to this material in the near future is unlikely. Rather, it is necessary to focus on the organization household so as to reduce carbon emissions into the environment, as is done in Germany. Myth 9: The power must be large. Compact combined power of a new type may produce up to half of the required energy. They can be placed in ordinary homes not only provide them with electricity, and heat. Myth 10: the climate change problem must be solved with the help of high technology. High-tech road and can often create more problems, so you should look for simple ways to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. An example of such a simple and cheap solution can is the use of biochar. Burning agricultural waste without air protects the environment from pollution and, at the same time, it is formed as a result of a great natural fertilizer for the soil. Original article in HealthNews