Having then this experience as starting point, we can identify that the public administration still is made by people completely inabilitadas, and without more basic knowledge of the federal constitution and the principles that conduct a democracy federative as ours. Specifically in relation to the health system, unhappyly while we will over all have unprepared politicians, that nothing they know of public health managing the system the conflict possibility will be always imminent, in cities where if it does not obtain advance in the permanent negotiation. However from the moment that obtains to transpose this obstacle, I really see the negotiation permanent as being the tool that anger materialize the agreements, therefore the tables will be acting of organized and systemize form. It is as if it was the contract of the agreement firmed by means of the negotiation permanent and based well implanted procedures. This tool can also be used, in my opinion so that let us can of some form pressure the management so that it feels in fact the paper of the tables. Therefore I detach that all the members of a table must have in mind that the faithful fulfilment to the internal regulation and of the structure of functioning of this table they must be commitment in it composes that it. We have still the great challenge to make with that management definitively respects this collegiate one as being to be looked for canal when the contact with the workers is looked.

When to obtain this I have the certainty of that really we will be able to advance in the institucional relation of the work, because we mainly diligent in we will feel insurances to them legal and technical and over all we will have one frum adjusted that it will be able effectively to solve ours you distress. In practical terms, we have that to improve our faithful fulfilment to the internal regulation, to improve our acts, to register the agreement firmed. Already we obtain to implant one blog of information of the table in the following address: we have very advanced in the process of implantation of the PCCV-SUS of Golden, in way fits strategically me only to consider, one better relationship with the press we will try with this so dreamed sensitization of the pairs and managers. Already the level of SiNNP-SUS, I see the necessity to trace strategies to become as a legal obligation of the manager this negotiation saw table, imposing to it some sanso in case of not fulfilment. Proper law 8142/90 in them leaves this suggestion when it determines that cities that did not have PCCRs, could lose federal views. I see that if we obtain to extend this determination for the correct functioning of the municipal tables we could in fact obtain a great advance for the system.